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Vintage Boss

Page history last edited by ruffa 5 years ago

Colby Graham & Canute Fagan are the people behind this now hard to find magazine, Based in Trevennion Road, Kingston 5, JA.  "The aim of the publication is to capture and present to the world, Jamaica's rich cultural past over the last half a century."
I'm not quite sure when Vintage Boss started but it's been around as long as i can remember and i can tell you that it's one of the most in depth research magazines you will find on the subject of Reggae and Jamaican cultural history. The magazine which looks like it's been put together on a color photocopier, often illustrated with cut out images and old newspaper articles from archived gleaner and observer newspapers, it has a real scrapbook feel to it but this has become the well recognized style of Vintage Boss, each magazine has is a wealth of information and is clear to see just how much work has gone into each issue, with first hand accounts from the people who where their, don't let the home made look put you off as the work that goes into this magazine is truly amazing. The man behind it travels far and wide around Jamaica in search of the artists and people to get the interviews he needs bring you the correct information.

Sadly the magazine has never been very well distributed in Europe but you may find copies via Keeling Records (Brooklyn) in the USA or a google search may reveal more sellers. I believe the magazine is no longer being produced at this time but if your ever lucky enough to find one on sale get it while you can!

Vintage Boss is a real labor of love made by people who care about preserving and documenting their culture.

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