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Virgo Hifi

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Virgo International HiFi


The Sound System started out around 1977 and was owned by Ronnie Virgo (b. Ronald Ballantine). Initially he recruited the deejays I Roy and Ray I to chat on the sound. The former already a well known and respected deejay from sounds such as King Tubby's Hometown HiFi while the latter came from the Tantone HiFi. Virgo HiFi was based in 5 Lincoln Road, Crossroads in the Kingston 5 district. Ronnie also launched his label Virgonian in 1977.


In 1979 Welton Irie had started to deejay regularly on the set. Also Tony Virgo (b. Anthony Hayles) had started to select for the sound. Tony Virgo was a big admirer of the Studio One rhythms and they featured heavily in the sounds sessions. In 1980 the addition of Lone Ranger was evident as his was a major success on the sound with his blend of cultural and slack lyrics.

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