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Twinkle Brothers

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The Twinkle Brothers were formed in the early 60's in Falmouth, Trelawney, Jamaica. Their first success was when they won the Trelawney Mento Festival in 1962. For six consecutive years they won at their parish level. In 1968 they won two gold medals in the all island competition; Norman Grant for best solo and the Twinkle Brothers for best group. Norman said about these years;

We won at our parish level from '62 right up on to '68 we won two gold medals. In the all island. I won as a solo artist and also as a group, as Twinkle Brothers. So there was two gold medals in yunno the whole Island. In '69 we won again and in 1970 we took part in the festival song contest. It was like Toots & Maytals »What a Bam Bam«. Desmond Dekker and the Aces. We came third that year. »Boom Shacka Lacka« won. Hopeton Lewis. But yunno, as I say. Within the whole things was also like election. With the festival song It was politics. Where you from? From when we did the shows everybody love us. But when we came to the voting it was political. But it was still good for us because we made our name now. Proving that we where in a different style and category of our own. (from an interview with Norman Grant done by Joakim Kalcidis the 26th of July, 2006.)


In 1970 the Twinkle Brothers started recording for Bunny Lee and released a couple of acclaimed singles, the first being the festival song »You Can Do It Too«. They did approximately 14 tracks for Bunny Lee with songs such as »Not Who You Know«, »Miss Labba Labba«, »Sweet Young Thing Like You«, »Best Is Yet To Come« and Normans solo effort »Miss World«. Bunny Lee also helped the Twinkle Brothers in getting a session with Lee »Scratch« Perry for whom they did a couple of tracks of which only one got released, »Reggae For Days«.


During the years 1973 and 1974 they worked with Phil Pratt doing the songs »Friends«, »No Big Thing« and »Do You Own Thing«. In 1975 their debut album, »Rasta Pon Top«, was released and shortly after in '75 Norman Grant joined the Sonny Bradshaw Band (with Dean Fraser) in a tour to Guatemala, Mexico.


It was also in the mid 70's that Norman Grant opened up his record store in Falmouth.


By 1976 their second album, »Do Your Own Thing« (also got released in 1977 as »Miss Labba Labba«) was released. It further showed the roots Norman Grants vocals had in soul music. The following year they got signed to Virgin Frontline and released the album »Love«. The odd choice of releasing it as a 10" LP raised quite a few peoples eye brows in the record stores but it soon got released as a 12" release with a couple of more songs added to the playlist, but now on Normans own Twinkle imprint. The second album on Virgin Frontline was »Praise Jah« (1979). Shortly after this the Twinkle Brothers, the Gladiators and U-Roy got transfered to Virgin Records as Frontline got terminated. They released the album »Countrymen« in 1980. It was their last release with Virgin.


After the Twinkle Brothers got dropped by Virgin Frontline (that had by now decimated their reggae output tremendously) Norman Grant focused mainly releasing music on his own Twinkle label that now had moved its headquarters to the UK.


In 1980 when Jacob Miller passed away Norman Grant joined Inner Circle upon arriving from an American tour. He toured with Inner Circle for a short while but no recordings where done with Norman on the vocals. He was soon back with the Twinkle Brothers.


The late 70's also saw Norman Grant working together with Jah Shaka, cutting dubplates for him and soon also releasing proper records. They released two albums with Jah Shaka the first one being »The Right Way« (1984) and the second one being »Rasta Surface« (1991). The album »Underground« (1982) also featured productions by Jah Shaka. It was the Twinkle Riddim Section that backed Shaka on his recording »Revelation 18«.


In 1986 the Twinkle Brothers went to Poland where they recorded material with the folk group Trebunia Tutki. Out of the recordings from that period the album »Higher Heights« (1988) was released. The album was a major success on the world music charts and was several weeks at the number one spot on the list. Some more albums, both vocal and dub counterparts, followed from the polish sessions.


The Twinkle brothers has to date released over 60 albums, the last two being »Give the Sufferer A Chance« and »The Youthful Warrior«.


Group Members

The line-up of the Twinkle Brothers has changed continually over the years. The original line-up was formed by Norman Grant (drums and vocals), Ralston Grant (vocals and guitar), Derrick Brown (bass), Karl Hyatt (percussions), Eric Bernard (Piano) and Bongo Asher (percussions). Nowadays it's primarily Norman Grant that carries the name of the group with artist such as Dub Judah, Black Steel and Jerry Lions as the rhythm section (often called The Twinkle Riddim Section). On albums such as Burden Bearer the backing was done by the Roots Radics.




All Is WellTwinkle1990UKLP
All The Hits Volume 1Twinkle1988UKLP
All The Hits Volume 2Twinkle1991UKLP
Babylon Rise AgainTwinkle1991UKLP
Breaking Down The BarriersTwinkle1987UKLP
Burden BearerTwinkle1983UKLP
Chant Down BabylonTwinkle1995UKLP
Chant RastafariTwinkle1989UKLP
Comeback Twinkle 2 Trebunia FamilyTwinkle1994UKLP
Comeback Twinkle 2 Trebunia FamilyKamahukCRM 00021994KamahukMC
CountrymenVirgin Records1980UKLP
Crucial CutsVirgin RecordsVX 10121983UKLP
Do Your Own ThingCarib Gems1976JamaicaLP
Don't Forget AfricaTwinkle1992UKLP
Dub Massacre Part 1Twinkle1982UKLP
Dub Massacre Part 2Twinkle1983UKLP
Dub Massacre Part 2 (Remix)Twinkle1983UKLP
Dub Massacre Part 3Twinkle1985UKLP
Dub Massacre Part 4Twinkle1989UKLP
Dub Massacre Part 5 - Lion HeadTwinkle1990UKLP
Dub Massacre Part 6 - Dub Feeding ProgramTwinkle1994UKLP
Dub Pack - Old CutsTwinkle1991UKLP
Dub PlateTwinkle1995UKLP
Dub Salute Part 5Jah Shaka1996UKLP
Dub With StringsTwinkle1992UKLP, Also known as Best Dub on CD.
Enter ZionTwinkle1984UKLP
Equality JusticeTwinkle1994UKLP
Final CallTwinkle1997UKLP
Free Africa (comp.)Virgin Records2004UKCD
Give The Sufferer A ChanceTwinkle2004UKLP
Greatest Hits (with Trebunie Tutki)Kamahuk1997PolandLP
Higher Heights; Twinkle Inna Polish StyleeTwinkle1993LP
Higher Heights; Twinkle Inna Polish StyleeKamahuk1992PolandMC
Live At Maritime Hall: San Francisco2B1 Records2001CD
Live from Reggae Sunsplash; Since I Threw The Comb AwaySunsplashRS 89071982LP
Live from Reggae Sunsplash; Since I Threw The Comb AwayTrojanTRLS 89071984LP
Live from Reggae Sunsplash; Since I Threw The Comb AwayVista1984JamaicaLP
Live from Reggae Sunsplash; Since I Threw The Comb AwayGenes19xxLP
Live In WarsawTwinkle1990UKLP
Love (10")Virgin Records1978UK10"
Love Twinkle1978UKLP, 12"
LoveVirginFLX 40031979UKLP, 12"
LoveTwinkle1988UKLP, 12"
Me No You, You No MeWifon(Wifon?) LP 1511989PolandLP
Me No You, You No MeTwinkle1981UKLP
Miss Labba LabbaRoots Music Intl.1977JamaicaLP
New Songs For JahTwinkle1989UKLP
Old Time SomethingTwinkleNGLP 5612002UKLP
Our Twinkle HomeKamahukMCK 8199xPolandMC
Praise JahVirgin Records1979UKLP
Rasta Pon TopGrounation1975JamaicaLP
Rasta Pon TopVista/Echo Records1984JamaicaLP
Rasta Pon TopTwinkle1992UKLP
Rasta SurfaceJah Shaka1991UKLP
Respect And HonourTwinkle1987UKLP
The Other Side (Ralston Grant)Twinkle1995UKLP
The Right WayJah Shaka1984UKLP
The Youthful WarriorTwinkle2004UKLP
Twinkle In PolandTwinkle1988UKLP
Twinkle Love SongsTwinkle1987UKLP
Twinkle Love Songs, Vol. 2Twinkle1992UKLP
Twinkle Love Songs, Vol. 3; Heart to HeartTwinkle2000UKLP
Twinkle Sample, Vol. 1 (with E.T. Webster)Twinkle1990UKLP
Twinkle Sample, Vol. 2 (with E.T. Webster)Twinkle1990UKLP
Twinkles Riddim (Dub Judah)Twinkle1991UKLP
UndergroundMNWNG 5001982FinlandLP
Will This World SurviveTwinkle2002UKLP
Wind Of ChangeTwinkle1990UKLP


12 inch Discos

Side 1Side 2LabelMatrix/Catalogue #ProducerYearCountry of issueComment (including rhythm)
Africa For The Africans Stomach SickTwinkleNG 643Norman Grant1981
Ball Of Confusion (with Errol Webster)Twinkledoes this one exist?
Breaking Down The Barriers DubTwinkleNG 02501987
Don't Jump The Fence Let Jah InTwinkleNG 3691981
Ethiopia Is Calling Ethiopia Here I Come (Color Red)TwinkleNG 1001991
Everybody Need Somebody DubTwinkleNG 6511983
Faith Can Move Mountain Mob FuryJah ShakaSHAK 8551986
Give Rasta Praise Can't Change AgainTwinkleNG 8031982
Gone Clear Right Here WaitingTwinkleNG 274
Hard To Believe (Phillip Parkinson) The Sweeter She IsTops RecordsTOPS 014
Have Mercy Jah Prayer For The GovernmentTwinkleNG 1141995
Have Mercy Jah Prayer For The GovernmentNorth Coast (mislabeled)NG 1141995
I UnemploymentTwinkleNG 505
Jah Jah Gonna Get You No Loving TonightTwinkleTW 6431982
Jahovia (Illie P.) Love Selassie ITwinkleNG 1121994
Jahovia (Sir Lee) Free AfricaVirgin FrontlineFLS 123 121979
Justice Big Disgrace (Prince Alla)Entebbe Sounds2004This is a 10" not a 12".
Keep On Trying King PharoahVirgin FrontlineFLS 119 121979
Magnet Chant RastafariTwinkleNG 8011981
Nah Get Weh Wid It & Dub Ah Get Weh (Sip A Cup All Roots) (Matic Horns, Mafia & Fluxy Band) Jah Father (Discomix Style)Sip A Cup2006
Never Get BurnedTwinkleNG 143-Adoes this one exist?
Never Get Burned Jah Kingdom ComeBlank (Virgin Frontline)1980
It's Only RastaElementsTwinkleNG 1261996
Peace & Unity Our Father (Della Grant)TwinkleNG 1251995
Rasta P'on Top It Gwine DreadaTwinkleTW 1/121981
Robot Don't Turn Your Back On Us Jah JahTwinkleNG 621, TW 6211981
Take HeedRise Up (Della Grant)Twinkle1995
The Almighty Power Babylon Is Falling DownTwinkle2005
Transformation Africa Get Enough PunishmentTwinkle2006
Urban Babylon You NiceTwinkleNG06351987


7 inch Singles

Side 1Side 2labelYearmatrix/cat numberCountry of issueComment (incl producer)
AfricaVersionJah Shaka Music1990SHA 932UK
Baby I've Been Missing You SoGrounation1975GRO 2047JANorman Grant
Baby I've Been Missing You SoTwinkle1975NG 102 RRS
Ball Of Confusion (with Errol Webster & Color Red)Twinkle1991NG 102UK
Ball Of Confusion (with Errol Webster)Jackpot1970JP 757-B
Beat Them Jah JahMurderation Dub (Skin, Flesh & Bones)Twinkle1974NG 4799 RRSNorman Grant
Constipated PeopleTwinkle
Collie (Calli?) FestivalTwinkleDSR NG 9832-A
Devil WorshippersNorthcoast2001NG 187Norman Grant
Devil's AdvocateVersionTwinkleNG 040
Distant DrumsDistant Drums DubVirgin Records1978FLS 117
Do You Know What To DoTwinkle
Do Your Own ThingTalk About Love (Pat Kelly)Jackpot1971JP 768G Phillips
Don't Forget AfricaTwinkle UK1991NG 104
Don't Let It EndVersionTops Records1975TOPS 002
Don't Let Us Have To SufferTwinkle UKNG 196
Don't Start What You Can't Finish (with Errol Webster)TwinkleNorman Grant
Don't Turn BackTwinkle UK2004NG 200
Don't Turn Your Back On Us JahTwinkle1982
Enter ZionTwinkle UK2001NG 150 ELLER 180?
Faith Can Move MountainVersionTwinkle2000NG 160 / NG 180 / NG 190
Feel It To Know ItRoots1978RTZ 5-A
Feel It To Know ItTwinkle1975NG 4847Norman Grant
Free Africa (with Sir Lee)North Coast1979DSR 7681Norman Grant
Free Africa (with Sir Lee)DubNorth Coast1979NG 151-ANorman Grant
Free AfricaSpecial BrewVirgin Records1978FLS 104Norman Grant
FriendsNo Big ThingSunshot1974PP 4176G Phillips
FriendsNo Big ThingFaith1974FA 007G Phillips (Phil Pratt)
Get Behind Me SatanTwinkle2004
Give Rasta PraiseGrounation1975GRO 2046Norman Grant
Give Rasta PraiseEverlasting Dub (Skin, Flesh & Bones)Twinkle JA1975NG 4800Norman Grant
Go Weh From DehVersionTwinkle UK2006NG 208Norman Grant
God Bless A Good WomanVersionTwinkle UK2006NG 205Norman Grant
God Bless The YouthsTribulation (both as the Mystics)Grounation1975GRO 2049
Gone AlreadyVersion (with Illie P)TwinkleNG 175
GrandmaSweet Young ThingJackpot1970JP 741Bunny Lee
GrandmaSweet Young ThingJackpot1970Dyna BL 2323-1Bunny Lee
Happy Birthday To YouTwinkle
Happy SongLittle Caesar (Sammy Jones)Sioux1971SI 003H Johnson
Have Mercy Oh JahNorth Coast1995DSR NG 6134-1
Hooked On A FeelingF R M1971FRM 114-ABunny Lee
Human InjusticeTwinkle
I Love You SoVersionTwinkle UK1998NG 148Norman Grant
I Will SurviveTwinkle
I'll Give It To JahTwinkle UK2004
Impossible Dream (Gene Rondo)Mother & WifeJackpot1975FA 022Bunny Lee
Impossible Dream (Gene Rondo)Mother & WifeFaith1975FA 022Bunny Lee
It Gwine DreaderNorthcoast19xx
It's Not Who You KnowI Need SomeoneJackpot1971Bunny Lee
It's Not Who You KnowI Need SomeoneBig Shot1971BI 600Bunny Lee
It's Not Who You KnowI Need Someone (The Ethiopians)Horse1971HOSS 51Martin Riley
It's Not Who You KnowI Need Someone (The Ethiopians)Tops Records197xTOPS 003
It's Not Who You KnowThe Wizard (Aggrovators)Justice197xJS 001Bunny Lee
Jah ArmyDub The WickedCarib Gems1977CG 009
Jah Is The Only WayTwinkle
Jah Kingdom ComeTwinkle1980Norman Grant
JahoviaFree Africa (with Sir Lee)Virgin Records1979FLS 123Norman Grant
Keep On TryingKeep On DubingVirgin Records1979FLS 119
Keep On TryingKing PharaohVirgin Records1979FLS 119Norman Grant. FINNS DEN HÄR? Är det inte bara 12"?
Love Sweet LovePoor Man Life (Prince Heron)Blank (Tropical)1971AL 002 A-1 X
Love Sweet LovePoor Man Life (Prince Heron)KChang1971
Love Sweet LovePoor Man Life (Prince Heron)Jackpot1971
Love Time (Norman Grant)VersionGrounation1976GRO 2065Dwight Pinkney
Mark Of The BeastTwinkle
Matthew & MarkTreasure Isle1968Duke Reid, 66 according to the magazine Boom Shacka Lack #4.
Mercy Me (with Errol Webster)TwinkleNG 6134-1Norman Grant
Mind Your Own BusinessSunshot1971Dyna SB 3405G Phillips
Miss Labba LabbaDubTwinkle200x
Miss Labba LabbaBest Is Yet To ComeGreen Door1971GD 4007Produced by Three Sevens
Miss Labba LabbaBest Is Yet To ComeSoul Sound1971JP 777
Miss Labba LabbaBest Is Yet To ComeJackpot1971JP 778
Miss World (Norman Grant)Virgin1980VS 345Produced by Stubborn Production
Miss World (Norman Grant)Too Late (Take What You've Got)(Pat Kelly)Jackpot1970JP 740Bunny Lee & Sonia Pottinger
Miss World (Norman Grant)Too Late (Take What You've Got)(Pat Kelly)Highnote1970JP 740Bunny Lee & Sonia Pottinger
Mother WhineyFight My Way (Jackie Brown)Count Shelly1973CS 031
Multi Cultural SocietyTwinkle2004
My Heart is AchingTwinkle
Natty Dread UptownMad DubGrounation1975GRO 2052Norman Grant
Natty Dread UptownTwinkle1975NG 7657-ANorman Grant
Never Get BurnedTwinkle1980NG 143
Old Time SomethingTwinkle
One GodTwinkle2004
One HeadTwinkle
Praise JahVersionTwinkle2001NG 177Norman Grant
Prayer For The GovernmentNorth CoastNorman Grant
Push It InaTwinkle1973DSR NG 7655Norman Grant
Pussy Cat (Lord Creator & Norman Grant)North Coast1973DSR NG 7652Norman Grant
Rasta Pon TopTwinkle1998NG 150
Rasta SurfaceShaka Music199x1992?
Right Here WaitingTwinkleNorman Grant
Room Full All FullVersionCamel1972CA-105
Sad SongJackpot1972Bunny Lee
Sad SongPanther1972DSR SB 5888-1S Bucknor
Shame Shame Shame (with Elaine Taylor)Twinkle1975N/ANorman Grant
ShamefaceI Am Coming (Eric Morris)Jackpot1970JP 731Bunny Lee
Short Term ThrillsTwinkle
Since I Throw the Comb AwayVersion (Twinkle Riddim Section)Twinkle1998NG 144
Skeleton Inna ClosetTwinkle2005NG 201
Skim Off All the GravyTwinkle
Somebody Please Help Me (Norman Grant)Beverly's1967Leslie Kong
Sting Stank (with Little Bim)North Coast
Stomach SickTwinkle1981
Stop That SkankingTwinkleDSR NG 6967
Suffer SoJackpotBunny Lee
Sweet HarmonyTwinkle1974NG 1362Norman Grant
Sweeter She IsTwinkleDSR NG 6082-1Norman Grant
Tek Whey You Get (Twinkle Brothers)Miss World (Norman Grant)Pressure Disc197xxx1002B
The Final CallVersionTwinkleNG 134
The Reality Of Jah KingdomTwinkle UK1982
The Sabbath DayTwinkle
Then Came You (with Elaine Taylor)Then Came DubGrounation1975GRO 2044Norman Grant
Then Came You (with Elaine Taylor)Then Came DubTwinkle19xxNG 4797Norman Grant
Throw Away Your Gun (Busty Brown And The Warners)Sad SongPama Supreme1972PS 356Sid Bucknor
Throw Away Your Gun (Busty Brown And The Warners)Sad SongDynamic1972DYN 443Sid Bucknor
Til You Let It BeginNorth Coast1975FNG 7910-ANorman Grant
To Jah I CallTwinkle2004
Urban BabylonTwinkleNorman Grant
War In JerusalemTwinkle
Weeping & WailingNorthcoast2001NG 185
What Do You WantTwinkle1992NG 107
Who Is The TerroristVersionTwinkle2006NG 206Norman Grant
Will This World SurviveTwinkle
Village RamTwinkle1973DSR NG 7681
Village RamPush It InaPama1973PM 876Norman Grant
Woman & MoneyPretty BabyButtercupR. Perry, produced by Buttercup Corp.
World DominionTwinkle2000
World Wide Love (with Dennis Alcapone)Gable Up (Carl Masters)Tropical1972AL 019
World Wide Love (with Dennis Alcapone)Gable Up (Carl Masters)KChang1972
World Wide Love (with Dennis Alcapone)Gable Up (Carl Masters)Jackpot1972
You Can Do It TooAll My Enemies Beware (Eric Morris)Blank (Lee's)1970Dyna BL 1965 & Dyna BL 1970-ABunny Lee
You Can Do It TooAll My Enemies Beware (Eric Morris)Jackpot1970JP 731Bunny Lee
You Can Do It TooAll My Enemies Beware (Eric Morris)Jackpot1972JP 791Bunny Lee
You Can't Say You Never KnowTwinkle
You NiceTwinkleNorman Grant
You Took Me By SupriseVersionBig Shot1971BI 593Norman Grant
Youthman You're BlessedTwinkle



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