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Skengdon's (also known as Skengman) given name is Kenneth Black. In 1985 he formed the eponymous label Skengdon. Among the first releases were Cocoa Tea's »We Are The World«, Supercat's »Vineyard Party« and Nicodemus' »Suzie Wong«. The latter one, a tale of Nicodemus' Japanese love on the Stalag rhythm, quickly became one of the most requested songs on radio. The following year the label released a string of acclaimed albums by artists such as Super Cat and Nicodemus. More records followed by artists such as Little John, Yami Bolo and [Winston McAnuff].


Skengdon was also the owner of the Stereomars AKA Sturmars Sound System which was one of the most important sound systems in Jamaica.


The name Skengdon is a combination of skeng (firearm/gun) and don. The latter part a honorific title given to persons with immense respect - perhaps mostly inspired by the use it had among mafia crime bosses such Don Corleone's character in the Godfather Trilogy. Outside of the music industry Skengdon is a controversial character whose connections with PNP have received much critique.


Kenneth Black is no longer involved in the music industry; in the early 2000's he was reported as running a company called Black Brothers that owned a large quarry and a construction company in Mandeville, Jamaica.


Skengdon Discography


Artist Title Year Matrix/Cat No Comment
Super Cat Boops 1986 SKDLP 001  
Nicodemus Nuff Respect 1986 SKDLP 002  
Little Youth Youth Of Today 1986 SKDLP 003  
Winston McCanuff Electric Dread 1986 SKDLP 004  
Echo Minott Familiar Faces 1986 SKDLP 005  
Junior Delgado Stranger 1986 SKDLP 006  
Gregory Isaacs Talk don't bother me 1987 SKDLP 007  
The Tamlins Love Divine 1988 SKDLP 008  
Frankie Paul Sizzling 1988 SKDLP 009  


12" Discos

Artist Title Date Rhythm cat no Country of issue
Super Cat Pops 1986   SKD 0002  
Lord Sassafras Jamaica Way / Version* 198   SKDL 003  
Earl Sixteen Agent For Your love/Lovie Love* 1986   SKD 017 USA
Yami Bolo Free Mandela / Pretoria Version* 1986 ... SKDL 019 ...
Gregory Isaacs Love Without Intermission/ Intermission Dub (Lloyd Parks) 1986   SKDL 029 JA
Fitzroy Simpson (Mighty Diamonds) Anti-Crack/Version 1987 ... SKDL 031 ...
Outlaw Mannix Tickle Me Fancy/Alphabetical Burial 1987 -/My Time SKDL 032 USA
Junio Cat Skengdon Bring Reggae Music / Poor People Me Love 1987   SKDL 033  
Annette Brissette Doctor Love / Version* 1987   SKDL 034  
Leroy Smart Number One / Version* 1986   SKDL 036  
Chacka Demus Gimme Your Loving/Loving Dub* 1987 Agony SKDL 037 USA
Tenor Saw Wake The Town/Town Dub* 1987 ... SKDL 039 USA
Sugar Minott & Joe Mannix Who Kill The Boops / Boops Dub* 1987 Kiss an Angel SKDL 040  
Al Campbell Who feels it knows it 1987   SKDL 042  
The Tamlins Domn't Say No/Say Dub 1987 ... SKDL 052 USA
Johnny P Mine You Get A Lick/Lick Me Dub* 1987 ... SKD 058 USA
Dread And the Rhymesters My Stylee/My Stylee Dub (by Skengdon All Stars) 1987   SKDL 059 USA
Chaka Demus Young Gal Business/Dub Business 1987 Mud Up SKDL 060 USA
Outlaw Mannix A Fi Let Off/A Fi Dub Off* 1987 ... SKD 062 USA
Hopeton James I Got Your Number/Dub Number* 1987 ... SKDL 064 USA
Horace Andy Sugar Candy / Version* 1987   SKDL 065  
Michael Prophet Your Heart/Heart Dub (by Skengdon All Stars) 1987 ... SKD 067 USA
Super Cat Sweet For My Sweet/Sweet Dub (by Steelie & Cleevie) 1986 ... SKDL 077 UK
Chaka Demus Music Is Life/Life Rhythm (by Steelie & Cleevie)... 1986   SKD 079 UK
Ranking Trevor Blood Shed/Version ... ... SKDL 090 UK
Tenor Saw Bad Bwoy/Bad bwoy Dub ... ... SKDL 092 UK
Johnny Osbourne Hot Hot Summer/... ... ... ... ...
Al Campbell Let me be the One /One Dub* ... ... ... ...
Ranking Trevor Love Terrorist/... ... ... ... USA
U Brown See Boops Deh/... ... ... ... USA
Super Cat Mud Up/... 1987 Mud Up ... USA


*by Skengdon All Stars


7" Singles

Artist Title Date Rhythm cat no Country of issue
Super Cat Vineyard Party/Version ... Answer rhythm - Jamaica
Cocoa Tea We Are The World/Version 198x Heavenless   Jamaica
Junior Delgado Nine Fence/Paint the Fence 1986   SKD 010 Jamaica
Sugar Minott Wrong Move/Right Move Dub* 1986   SKD 016
Earl Sixteen Agent For Your love/Lovie Love* 1986   SKD 017 Jamaica
Horace Martin Frazzle Out/Frazzle Dazzle 1986   SKD 020 Jamaica
Papa Santress (Sancho) Dance Inna Mount Zion/Mount Zion Rock* 1986 Tempo SKD 021 Jamaica
Johnny Osbourne & Junior Delgado Cover To Cover/Killer (by Jackie Mittoo) 1986   SKD 022 Jamaica
Electric Dread (Winston McAnuff) Won't Give Up/Stronger Strong* 1986   SKD 023 Jamaica
Super Cat Wild Apache / Version* 1987   ...  
Leroy Smart Number One/Version 1987   ...  
Cocoa Tea Jamaica Sweet/... 1987   SKD 035 Jamaica
Chacka Demus Gimme Your Loving/Loving Dub* 1987 Agony SKD 037 Jamaica
U Brown Ready When You Ready / Ready Dub 1987   SKD 038  
Sugar Minott Who Kills The Boops/Boops Dub* 1987   SKD 040 Jamaica
Yami Bolo Loving You My Dear / Love Version* 1987   SKD 048 Jamaica
Leroy Smart She Loves To Dance 1987   SKD 050  
Little Harry Anorexal / Body Dub* 1987   SKD 056  
Higgs And Sisterens Them Can't Test We /     SKD 057  
Super Cat Permet Fi Gun / Dub Permit* 1987 African Beat SKD 063 Jamaica
Tenor Saw Dancehall Feeling/...       Jamaican
Gregory Isaacs Talk Don't Bother Me/Talking Dub (Lloyd Parks & We the People) 1986   SKD 030 Jamaican
Captain Kenterus Gone A Sea/Dub In Sea 1987      
Tenor Saw Kiss An Angel/...       Jamaican
Burro Banton Bawling/...       Jamaican
Al Campbell & Tabby Diamond Skengdon Crew/...       Jamaican
Nicodemus Suzie Wong/Anti Crack Version* 1987   no matrix Jamaican
Cocioa Tea Reggae man/Reggae Sweet* 1986   SKD 011 Jamaican
Gregory Isaacs Love Without Intermission/ Intermission Dub (Lloyd Parks & We the People) 1986   SKD 029 Jamaica
Echo Minott Pickney "Fe" Mine/Mine Version* 1986   SKD 013 Jamaica
Leroy Smart Bad Minded People/Good Minded People* 1986   SKD 012 Jamaica
Earl Sixteen We Rule/Two Sides of Earl Sixteen* 1986   SKD 024 Jamaica
Cutty Ranking (Cutty Ranks) Greedy Girl/Cutty Version* 1986   SKD 015 Jamaica
Michael Prophet Your Heart/Version* 1987   SKD 067 Jamaica
Yami Bolo Free Mandela/Pretoria Version* 1986   SKD 019 Jamaica
Frankie Paul No Sizzling/Japanese Style 1986   SKD 026 Jamaica
Frankie Paul Gun Shot/Frankie Style 1986   SKD 018 Jamaica
Cutty Ranking (Cutty Ranks) Christmas Time/Special* 1986   SKD 014 Jamaica
Al Campbell Who Feels It Knows It/Who Feels It Knows It Version* 1987   SKD 042 Jamaica

*by Skengdon All Stars


Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 5:57 pm on Nov 20, 2008

I'm quite certain that SKDLP 008 is a V/A compilation but I can't find any info on it. Think I've seen it on eBay.

Bellyman said

at 8:13 pm on Sep 9, 2009

SKDLP 008 added.

soulrocket said

at 12:20 pm on Aug 5, 2010

I reckon Delgado was part of the Skengdom All Stars but who else was there?
Also "frankie paul - gun shot" was released as a 12" SKDL 018

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