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Sir Lord Comic

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Sir Lord Comic was one of the earliest deejays and is considered a real pioneer of the genre.


He started out as a regular dancer, a street dancer, in those days also called a »legs man«. Sir Lord Comic used to follow the sound Admiral Deans from Maxwell Avenue. It was Count Machuki from Sir Coxsone's Downbeat that inspired him to become a deejay. He started following the selector Willy Penny closely and would occasionally play records when Willy Penny wanted to dance. The Christmas of 1959 Willy Penny had drunk too much and the boss of the sound, Mr Dean asked Sir Lord Comic if he could manage it. He said yes and enthused he went to Spanish Town Road to borrow a mic from a man called Nat King Prof. Nat King Prof lent him a Grampian mic.

Well the 26th of December 1959, believe you me, it was from that time. I put on a record by Len Hope called, »Hop, Skip and Jump« when the tune started into about the fourth groove I says »BREAKS!« (laughs) when I say »breaks« I have all eyes at the amplifier, y'know. And I says »You love the life you live, and you live the life you love. This is Lord Comic,« That night was exciting, very exciting.

Quote from Reggae - Deep Roots Music by Howard Johnson & Jim Pines


7" discography

Side 1Side 2labelYearmatrix/cat numberCountry of issueComment
Bronco (Old Man River)One Punch (by the Upsetters)Upsetter1970US 326UKLee Perry prod.
Jack Of My TradeUnited We Stand (by Cynthia Richards)Pressure Beat1970PB 5507UKJo Gibbs prod.
Rhythm RebellionReggae Children (by Roy Richards)Bamboo1971BAM 66UKCS Dodd prod.
Ska-ing WestIf You Act this way (by The Maytals)Doctor Bird1966DB 1109UKRonnis Nasralla prod.
The Great Wuga WugaFeel So Lonesome (by The Tree Tops)Doctor Bird1967DB 1070UKG. Hargraves prod.

Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 12:11 am on Dec 11, 2008

This is really a great idea. I was thinking recently that Jamaica should start doing some kind of archiving to preserve all the incredible music that came out of such a small island. Not just the history but the studio master tapes and other peripherals. Reggaepedia is something that I can contribute to that will be doing something similar, in that this will keep the history alive for others to discover.

Anonymous said

at 11:14 am on Dec 15, 2008

Yes David. The hope with Reggaepedia is among other things to have the history of reggae written down so all people that love the music can come here and learn more about it.

We're really looking forward to your contributions!

faddarootz said

at 12:02 pm on Sep 23, 2009

Count Machukie Shuffle! The great Count Machukie steps it while Sir Lord Comic (who's releases for Joe Gibbs are among my favorites) chats. From the documentary, "Deep Roots Music". Posted by Boss Harmony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4i2aYjPEVQ

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