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Ron Wilson

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Ron Wilson graduated from the Alpha Boys School with a talent for playing the trombone.


He led the band in a number of sessions for the King Edwards label as the Upcoming Willows - a band who were actually a good number of The Skatalites. The fact that Ron Wilson led the band on these sessions was probably the reason for the name change.


Notably, he also self-produced some records on his own Splendid Sounds label, and appeared for a time in The Upsetters line-up.





all King Edwards Poductions

Ron Wilson (as Upcoming Willows)

Jones Town Special

Lon Chaney

Lonely Man

Prime MinistersĀ“s State

Red China



King Edwards

Pipe Line Ron Wilson and R. Alphonso



I Care Prod. T. Robinson

Love I Madly (Mad Mad) Prod. CS Dodd

Night Cap Prod. Prod G. Brown

Straight to your heart Prod. G. Brown

Scatterlight Rock Prod. G. Brown

iOfficial Trombone Prod. L. Parks

Repatriation Version II.[/i] (as Don Dilson) Prod. L. Daley



Rat Poison Prod. Max Romeo

One eyed Jacks (as Tony Allstars) Prod. T. Robinson

Jimmy Cliff - Unlimited (album) Prod. Jimmy Cliff

Upsetters - Blackboard Jungle Dub (album) Prod. Lee Perry



Ron Wilson & Winston Scotland: Hook yourself Youthman


Without Date:

After A Storm self-produced on Hot Shot label

Alone Again self-produced on Splendid Sounds label

Hippy Shuffle self-produced on Splendid Sounds label

Naturally produced by R. Wilson and F. Tavares

Get Up Prod. Glen Brown

Hogs Eye Prod. LF Campell on The Thing label

Red Oak Prod. LF Campell on The Thing label

Glen Brown and King Tubby - Termination Dub (album) Prod. Glen Brown

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