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Rock Fort Rock

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History & Versions

As with many other reggae rhythms the rhythm known as Rockfort Rock wasn't really originated by any reggae musician. The music was written by Puerto Rican musician Rafael Hernández Marín; it was copyrighted in 1943. The first recording of the tune is a Mexican 78 disc (Peerless) from 1946 by Margo Llergo & Orquesta Antonio Escobar(1); Hernández was residing in Mexico at the time, and many of his compositions were popularized by Mexican artists. It has since then become a major hit for artists such as Celia Cruz (in '48). The song is regarded to be a classic latin song.



The first reggae version was by Sound Dimension with »Psychedelic Rock« in '68. Coxsone who produced the song then issued a deejay cut called »Rock Fort Shock« by Prince Francis in '70. He also re-released a slightly different of »Psychedelic Rock« but now named »Rock Fort Rock« instead.


Joe Gibbs produced two songs with Big Youth on the rhythm - namely »Water-house Rock« and »Chucky No Lucky«, both in '73. Keith Hudson used the rhythm in '75 for his song »Black Belt Jones«. The rhythm has since then been re-recorded several times with notable mentions being the Morwells (»Show I The Way«), Michael Prophet with Yabby You (»Creation Rock«). Lloyd Bullwackie of the Wackies label produced Wayne Jarrett with the song »Bubble Up« over an especially dense and heavy mix of the rhythm in '84.


In 1988 Prince Jazzbo released a whole album of the rhythm with his Race Course Rock on Ujama as did Steely & Cleevie who dedicated a whole side of their 21st Century Soundclash to the rhythm.



(1) - http://www.originals.be/ - search for El Cumbanchero


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