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Riddim Shower

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List Of Sound Systems

List Of Sound SystemsOur sound is called Riddim Shower Hi-Fi Power. The soundsystem is named after a Lee Perry album. Riddim Shower has 4 selectors: Kouadio, Joshwa, Ronaldo and Jumbo.


These 4 men all have a long history in the Amsterdam Reggae scene. Kouadio, Joshwa & Ronaldo where friends since highschool and found each other due to their love of 70s roots reggae. In the early 90s Joshwa and Koudio hosted a reggae program on the legendery Amsterdam pirate radiostation Patapoe. They also played in the reggaeband Small Axe, Joshwa being the drummer and Koadio playing keyboard. Small Axe went to Jamaica in 1997, where the recorded some tracks and performed in Savana-La-Mar and Negril. On this trip Ronaldo was their sound engineer. In 1999 the opportuntity arose to buy a second hand sound system in England. The friends, along with Joshwa's brother Thomas, decided to start a sound and Riddim Shower was born. They rented a truck, drove to Nottingham and returned to Amsterdam with a truckload of speakers, ampifiers and all the other equipment needed for a sound system. Because all 4 friends where solid foundation reggae lovers, Riddim Shower's starded out as a roots revival sound, playing 70s and 80s rootsmusic.

Jumbo's musical history started about 8 years earlier. In the early 90s Jumbo starded out as an apprentice on the Spots Roadshow, the sound owned by Daddy Dan. Soon after he transferred to the legenary Amsterdam foundation sound Shashamane, featuring Sir Horace, Daddy Levy and Supa Ranking. In 1994 Jumbo lived in Kingston, Jamaica for a couple of months where he linked with Stone Love. In Jamaica he learned what real soundsystem is about, whilst stringing up 18" speakers for Stone Love he was educated by Stone Love's selectors Wee Pow and Rory. On his return to Holland Jumbo took over the reggae department of the famous Amsterdam recordstore Boudisque, so he became a well known figure in the Amsterdam reggae and dancehall scene. He performed as a solo selector, playing the main venues like Paradiso and Melkweg. Jumbo played mainly dancehall and bashment, but on a few occasions hooked up with Riddim Shower for a revival session.


In 2001 Thomas decided that being a soundman was not for him and left Riddim Shower. For replacement they asked Jumbo to join the sound and Riddim Shower started playing dancehall and new reggae as well as the roots and foundation. They played many venues in Amsterdam and out of town, unfortunately mostly without their own set. Most clubs in Holland have strict sound limits, because of the noise polution law. so the 5000 watts of bass that the Riddim Shower soundsystem delivered was too much for their permits. RS is one of the few crews in Holland that actually play on their own sound system.


What's the extra value of playing on your own set?


It is not comparable, reggae needs to be played loud with loads of bass and that is what a soundsystem is all about. The main volume comes from the lower bass regions, which is perfect for reggae, unlike most PA systems where the emphasis is more in the midrange. Unfortunately, due to the strict soundlimits, it is very difficult to find a place to play with the full set. Which sound systems and artists have inspired you to do what you do? A big inspiration is Shashamane, the first soundsystem in Amsterdam, who ruled the dancehall scene during the 80s. Also, off course all Jamaican sounds and Stone Love particullary, for the way they juggle, select and build up a vibe.


Your mixtapes are quite famous. Apparently these mix tapes caught the attention of Vybz Kartel cause you were asked to do a mix for his album Addi and the Empire. Can you tell us some more about the concept of your mixes and the collaboration with Kartel?


Our mixes dont really follow a concept as such. we just select the chunes we like and mix them in a way it sounds good. Apperently people like our selection and mixes, because we get props from many international selectors and DJ's. The collaboration with Vybz Kartel came through our association with the Portmore Empire. We were one of the first international sounds to link with the orginal Portmore Empire, when Kartel was still part of Bountykiller's Alliance. So when Kartel joined the Empire, Deva Bratt introduced us. Last year Jumbo went to Kingston and hooked up with Vybz Kartel and the Portmore Empire at Father Romie's Exodus studio so the link became more solid. Off course we where honoured when Father Romie asked us to do the megamix for the Addi And The Empire album.


Can you describe some other highlights in your sound's history, like the best dances, clashes etc.?


Many good times, we always love to play Paradiso, the best venue in Amsterdam. We played a few years at the Kwakoe festival allongside Shashamane. That is the best carribean festival in Holland, you can't get any closer to Jamaica without boarding a plane. The Cannabis Cup was a very strange experience, all those spaced out skunkheads tripping on dub. Stringing up outdoors at Two 77 Splash 2004 was great, we brought the full set and blasted reggae basslines towards the Arena stadium.


RS hosts a radio show as well, tell a bit more more bout that.


In 2005 Riddim Shower joined radio dj Big John on his Riddim On The Wire reggae show on Groove FM. After Big John went to live in Jamaica for a while, the show was hosted solely by Riddim Shower, so they renamed the show It's Riddim Shower Time. Early this year the two hour show expanded, so nowadays It's Riddim Shower Time is a three hour radio show. The first hour highlights the latest chunes and riddims from Jamaica, the next two hours are dedicated to the rich history of Jamaican music, playing ska, rocksteady, reggae , dub and dancehall.

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