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Reggae Label Owners

Page history last edited by S Lyn 13 years, 9 months ago

The information on this page has been moved to list of reggae record labels please use the other page from now on. Do not update this page.


Who owns what reggae labels can help solve a lot of reggae mysteries. The big producers are well known. But this page will hopefully work out who some of the smaller labels.


Listing of labels and their owners (Label / Owner)





40 Leg Pam Hickling & Mikey Dread  
56 Hope Road Bob Marley Singer
AC Music Al Campbell Singer
Abeng George McLean  
Abengg Dwight Pinkney Guitarist
Ace Tone H Cunningham  
Addis Ababa Al Campbell Singer
Adrasta Dr. Alimantado DJ
Advance Pete Weston Producer
African Museum Gregory Isaacs Singer
African Music Brother Joe  
Afrik Barry Biggs/Byron Lee  
Afro Harry Morgan  
Afro Eagle Barry Clarke  
Agro Sound Bunny Lee Producer
All Sport K Hayles  
All Stars Coxsone Producer
Altone Alton Ellis Singer
Amalgamated Joe Gibbs Producer
Amanda Larry Marshall Singer
Anchor Gussie Clarke Producer
Anderson DC Anderson  
Andy's Roydale Anderson Producer
Antics Disc Coxsone Producer
Antrim Geoffrey Chung Guitarist
Aquarius Herman Chin Loy Producer
Arab Tommy Cowan Producer
Arc Geoffrey Chung Guitarist
Arrival Henry Junjo Lawes Producer
Ashandan Judy Mowatt Singer
Astronauts BB Seaton Singer
Atom Keith Hudson Singer
Attack Bunny Lee Producer
Augustus Buchanan Big Youth Deejay
Azul Clive Hunt Keyboardist




B M N R Nasralla  
Baby Mother Prince Hammer Deejay
Bad Gong Mighty Diamonds Vocal Group
Bar Bell Robbie Shakespeare Bass Player
Baron's Byron Smith Engineer
Barry's Hideout B Jeffries  
Bassh Zap Pow Band
Bay City H Lewis  
BB Inc Rupie Edwards Singer
Belmont Joe Gibbs Producer
Belva Prince Hammer Producer/Deejay
Beverley's Leslie Kong Producer
Big Ship Freddie McGregor Singer
Big Style Keith Hobson Producer
Big W Willie Francis Singer (?)
Bismark Count Bismark Producer
BLPre Bunny Lee Producer
BL Sounds Barrington Levy Singer
Black & White Carlton Patterson Producer
Black Art Lee Perry Producer
Black Cat D Crooks  
Black Ghetto AB & Rainer Epp  
Black Harmony B. Douglas & A Cargill  
Black Link Intl. Derrick Howard Singer
Black Originator General Plough % Mr. Epps Singer
Black Pearl Roy Dobson Singer
Black Roots Sugar Minott Singer
Black Scorpio Jack Scorpio Producer
Black Skin Dudley Sibley Singer
Black Solidarity Ossie Thomas Producer
Black Stax Leon Hyatt Singer
Black World ?  
Blue Mountain Lloyd Evans  
Bongo Man Coxsone Producer
Bra Byron Lee Musician
Bright Star H Bright  
Brisco Prince Jazzbo Deejay
Brothers Of The Blade Glen Lee Producer
Budget Coxsone Producer
Bullwackies Lloyd Barnes Producer
Burning Spear Burning Spear Singer
Bushranger/Bushay's Clem Bushay Producer
Buster Wild Bells Prince Buster Singer/Producer
Busy Henry Junjo Lawes Producer




C&N Coxsone Producer
CR George Murphy Singer
Calnek B.Calnek Producer
Caltone B.Calnek Producer
Cancer Harry J Producer
Capo Glen Adams Keyboardist
Caribou Dada Tuari Producer
Carifta King Rupie Edwards Singer
Cash Jackie Brown Singer
CB Pre C.Bough Producer
CD Pre Coxsone Producer
CE Pre Clancy Eccles Singer
CF Robert »Ribs« Fearon Engineer
Chanan Jah Phil Pratt Producer
Channel One JoJo Hookim Producer
Chanti K.Heshimu Singer/Journalist
Chappy Vincent Chin Producer
Chek Sonny Bradshaw Bandleader
Chin 78rpm Stanley Chin Producer
Circle Rupie Edwards Singer
Civic Martin Riley Singer
Clancy Clancy Eccles Singer
Clancy's Clancy Eccles Singer
Clandisc Clancy Eccles Singer
Clappers Lister Hewan-Lowe Producer/Journalist
Clarendon Sound Jah Larry Producer
Clark's Amos Clark  
Clinch Bernard Collins Singer
Clyde Clyde Hoyte  
Cobra Aston Barrett Bass player
Color Sound Eric Frater Guitarist
Combination L.Rowe  
Comet Lynn Taitt Guitarist
Confirm Roy Hylton  
Congo Ashanti Congos Vocal Group
Connection Derrick Howard Singer
Coptic Lion E Brooks Singer
Cord Jo Jo Hookim Producer
Corn Toe Corn Toe  
Corner Stone Bertram Brown/Cornerstone  
Corporative Sounds Winston Jarrett Singer
Cosmic Eric Donaldson Singer
Counselor Fred Bryan  
Count 1,2,3 Prince Jazzbo Producer/Deejay
Count Boysie Count Boysie Producer
Count John J.Beckford Producer
Coxson Coxsone Producer
Coxsone Coxsone Producer
Crasher L.Moffat  
Crazy Joe Joe Gibbs Producer
Creation Delroy Witter Producer
Creative Calypso Vincent Chin Producer
Cresta Glen Lee Producer
Cry Tuff Prince Far I Producer/Deejay
Crystal Derrick Harriott Singer
Culture Star Watty Burnett Singer




D A N C S Bunny Wailer Singer
D A T C Mikey Dread Producer/Deejay/Singer
D Darling Coxsone Producer
D E B Dennis Brown Singer
D S L D Smith  
Dal Derrick Lyn  
Dama Nessa Vic Taylor  
Dance Hall Errol Scorcher Deejay
Dancehall Sonia Pottinger Producer
Danger Zone Wayne Jarrett Singer
Daniel Claudius Linton  
Daroy Roy Fuller  
Dee Jay A.Folder Producer
Dee's D.Dunkley  
Del Ma U Roy Deejay
Del Tot Derrick Howard Singer
DelTot Derrick Howard Singer
Deltones Eric Barnett & Theo Beckford  
Demon Clive Chin Producer
Den Bros Den Bros  
Dennis Dennis Thompson  
Dennis Star J.Hayles  
Derrick's Derrick Harriott  
Desendance Derrick Howard Singer
Destroyer Niney  
DH Pre Derrick Harriott  
Diamond Freddy McKay/C.Prehay  
Disco Mix JoJo Hookim  
Discolite Duke Reid Producer
Discovery Ernest Ranglin Guitarist
Doctor Bird Ray Harper & Arkland Parks  
Don't Crowd I H.Cooper  
Dotties Turnell McCormack  
Dotty & Bonny Dotty & Bonny  
Double B Glen Lee & B Brooks  
Double L L.Lindsay  
Douglas Records D.Williams  
Dove Roy Cousins Producer
Downbeat Dada Tuari  
Downbeat Eddie Wong  
DR Pre Duke Reid Producer
Dr.Bird D.Brown  
Dr.Komina B.Jeffries  
Dragon Dynamic Sounds  
Dragon's Breath Byron Lee/Prince Buster  
Drum Tony McDermott Sleeve art designer
Drum Beat Clarendonians  
Drum Street Willi Wiilliams  
Dub Station E.Baxter  
Duchess Duke Reid Producer
Duke Reid Duke Reid Producer
Duke Reid Jr Clarence Reid  
Dutchess Duke Reid Producer
Dwyer Glen Brown Producer
Dynamic Dynamic Sounds  
Dynamite Clive Jarrett  




E&J Ernest & JoJo Hookim  
E&R R.Robinson  
ET Errol Thompson  
Eagle Lloyd Campbell  
Earth Earl Lowe  
Earthquake Ossie Hibbert  
EB Pre E Bromfield  
Echoes K Moore  
ED Pre Errol Dunkley Singer
E-E Saw ABC Prod  
Eek A Mouse Ripton Hylton Singjay
El Fego W.Bryan  
Electro Hugh Madden  
Elements Elements  
Elevation Joe Higgs  
Ellis Alton Ellis  
Embassy Coxsone Producer
Enter The Lion R.Linton  
Ephesus Records Gordon And Berry  
Era Gary Peart  
Erin Lord Brynner  
Errol T Joe Gibbs Producer
Esbonne L Bonnie  
Estick Jackie Estick  
Everglaids Alvin Ranglin Producer
Evol E.Graham  
Evolution Fil Callender  
Excel Sonia Pottinger Producer
Explosion Bunny Lee Producer
Express Webster Shrowder  
Eye For An Eye C Bushman  




F R M Federal Records  
Faith SL Smith  
Fam's Aston Barrett Bass Player
Fatman Fat Man  
Fay Music Winston Edwards  
Faze Four Coxsone Producer
Fe I & I C Adolph  
Fe Me Time Jimmy Radway Producer
Federal Federal Records  
Field Marshall L.Hollett  
Fine Built Keith Hudson Producer/Singer
Fire G.Hargraves  
Fire Ball S.Graham  
First Light Harold Butler  
Flag Man Trinity Deejay
Flame Charley Ross  
Flame/Advance Pete Weston  
Flames Ossie Hibbert Organ, Piano and Keyboard player
Forcox H.Forbes  
Fort Justin Hinds Singer
Forward Coxsone Producer
Fox Jack Ruby Producer & Sound Man
Fullfiment Of Prophecy B.Wynter  
Fredericks F.McLaren  
Freedom Sounds Bertram Brown  
Full House Gregory Isaacs Singer
Full Moon C.Stanley  
Full Up Henry Junjo Lawes Producer
Fud's F.Christian  
Fugitive Jo Jo Bennett  
Future Wind Mikey Dread Deejay & Producer




GOG Greg Gordon  
GWO G.Williams  
GA Pre Glen Adams  
Gailads Maurice Roberts  
Gala Ronnie Nasralla  
Ganja Farm Ossie Thomas  
Gay Disc L.Pottinger  
Gay Feet Sonia Pottinger Producer
Germain Donovan Germain  
GG's Alvin Ranglin Producer
GG's Hit Alvin Ranglin Producer
GG's Pre Alvin Ranglin Producer
Giant G.Edwards  
Gitmo F.Morrison  
Glad Tidings L.Pottinger  
Globe N.Elliott  
Globe International A. Bailey  
Glory Sonia Pottinger Producer
God Sent Prince Lincoln  
Gold Cup Prince Hammer Deejay
Golden Arrow L.Pottinger  
Golden Heights Prince Andy  
Golden Sound Fitz Major  
Golden Stallion Lloydie Slim  
Graduates C.Hanna  
Graham Leo Graham  
Grammy Rose Michael Rose Singer
Grass Roots Sean DeLaire  
Gray Sounds Lester Gray  
Greedy Puppy P.Huntley/W.Dakin  
Green Berry H.Thomas/A.Brown  
Grimm Ben Jah Thomas Deejay & Producer
Groovemaster Tony Robinson  
Groovers W.Crossfield  
Gussie Gussie Clarke Producer
Gussie '76 Gussie Clarke Producer
Gussie 80's Gussie Clarke Producer
Gussie Puppy Gussie Clarke Producer
Gussie Roots Gussie Clarke Producer
Gussy&Puppy Gussie Clarke Producer




H&M C.Malcolm  
HAM Harry Mudie Producer
Halagala Astronauts  
Half Moon Oswald Creary (S. Cole?)
Halifax Willi Williams Singer
Hall's Disc Clancy Eccles  
Hamel H.Abrahams  
Hammer Roy Francis  
Happy Tone H.Hanlan  
Hamonic N.Livingston  
Harmony House Beres Hammond  
Harry J Harry Johnson  
Harry Jam Coxsone Producer
Harvest Mikey Brooks  
Hatchet Bunny Lee Producer
HBR The Hippy Boys Backing Band
Heavy Beat Willie Lindo  
Heavy Duty Joe Gibbs Producer
Heavyweight Dudley Swaby  
Help The Blind Joe Gibbs Producer
Henry's L.Henry  
Hep Hep Heptones Vocal Group
Heptic/Earth Muncher Jackson  
Herb Of Wisdom Alvin Ranglin  
Hero SL.Smith  
Hi Lite SL Smith  
Hi Lite 78rpm SL Smith  
Hi Rank Freddy McKay Singer
Hi Tone Cavalier  
High Music Earl Smith  
Hign Note Sonia Pottinger Producer
High Note Pre Sonia Pottinger Producer
High Power High Power  
High School Tony Robinson  
High Times Earl Smith  
Hippy R.Williams  
Hit Bound Jo Jo Hookim  
Hit Master D.Bailey  
Hit Sound U Brown Deejay
Hit Vibes Bobby Kalphat  
HM Pre Harry Mudie  
H-M-H H.Madden  
Holborne O.Grange  
Holt John Holt  
Honey Suckle Jackie Edwards  
Hop Derrick Morgan  
Hopewell Survivors Steve Lipsky  
Hornet R.Abrahams  
Hot City Yabby U Producer
Hot Disc L.Pottinger  
Hot Heat Bunny Simpson  
Hot Rod Rad Bryan  
Hot Stuff Bunny Lee Producer
Howaynes HM & WJ  
HR Pre Harry Robinson  
Hudford Keith Hudson Singer & Producer
Hulk Black Beard  
Human Rights Winston Jarrett  
Humasound Clancy Eccles  
Humble B.Frankson  
Humbres Winston Heywood  
Humming Bird A Parks  
Hummingbird Lloyd Tyrell  
Hungry Town Everton DaSilva  




I And I Sound A. Doeman Singer
I Anka Bob Andy Singer
I S D A Dr.Alimantado Deejay
I Spy S.Fagon  
Ice Eddy Grant Singer
Imbidimits Keith Hudson Producer & Singer
Impact Clive Chin/Randy's  
In Land Willi Williams Singer
In Swing VB Williams  
Incredible Jux Junior Delgado Singer
Incredible Music Junior Delgado Singer
Intel Diplo Peter Tosh Singer
International Augustus Pablo Musician
Iron Fist C.Prehay  
Iron Side Coxsone Producer
Ises International RE.Hall  
Islam Prince Buster  
Island Chris Blackwell  
Israel Record L.Jones  
Israel Rockers Tony Brevett  
Israel Vibes Tommy Cowan Producer
Ital African Brothers/Dr.Alimantado  
Ital Sounds Dr.Alimantado  
Italites E.Gutzmer  




JBI Morwell Wellington  
JDI Cluett Johnson  
JJ Carl Johnson  
JJ Pre Carl Johnson  
JJ Records Carl Johnson  
Ja Disc Neville Willoughby  
Ja Man Dudley Swaby/L.Hewitt  
Jabba Roots K.Bartley  
Jackpot Bunny Lee Producer
Jackpot Pre Bunny Lee Producer
Jackson J.Jones  
Jad Johnny Nash/A.Jenkins  
Jah B Brent Dowe  
Jah Christos C.Morgan  
Jah Dynasty M.Samuel  
Jah Guidance Henry Junjo Lawes Producer
Jah Lee Leo Lee  
Jah Life Time Henry Wright & Percy Chin  
Jah P Peter Lewis  
Jah Rubbaal G.Jahrubbal  
Jahlovemuzik Jahlovemuzik  
Jahmani I Jah Man Levi  
Jahmikmusik H.Boothe  
Jah's Music Third World  
Jam Can Sid Bucknor  
Jam Rock Bob Andy  
Jammys Lloyd James  
Jaywax Harry Johnson  
JB Pre Jackie Bernard  
JG Joe Gibbs Producer
JG Ultra Sound Joe Gibbs Producer
Jigsaw Geoffrey Chung/Clive Hunt  
JL Pre Pat Francis  
Joanie Max Romeo/N.Reid  
Joe Frasier Lloyd Campbell  
Joe Gibbs ProducerJoe Gibbs  
Joe Gibbs Music Joe Gibbs Producer
Joe Gibbs Pre Joe Gibbs Producer
Joe Gibbs Ultra Sound Joe Gibbs Producer
Jogib Joe Gibbs Producer
Jolly E.McDermott  
Jolly Boys A.Swimmer  
Jonjo Henry Junjo Lawes Producer
Jontom Phil Pratt/Tommy McCook  
Jove Music Janis Punford  
JR Productions Junior Reid  
Jukebox Harry Mudie  
Juliette B.Hutchinson  
Jungle Harry Mudie  
Jungle Rock Leo Graham  
Junjo Henry Junjo Lawes  
Jupiter J.Sinclair  
Jusic Junia Walker  
Justice Bunny Lee Producer
Justice League Lee Perry  
Jwyanza Delroy Stanbury  




Kass Count Sticky  
Kentone Byron Lee Musician
KH pre Keith Hudson  
King Attorney King Attorney  
King Culture Everett Cooper Producer
King David Symbols  
King Edwards G.Edwards  
King Jammys King Jammy Lloyd James  
King Pioneer Theo Beckford  
King Sounds King Sounds  
King Victor Victor King  
King's Lloyd Clarke  
Kingston Paul Khouri  
Kingston 11 King Tubby Engineer
Kismet Pat Hardy  
Konduko Noel Williams  
Kool H.Morris  




LMS Dave Madden  
LTD Lloyd Tyrell  
La Fud Del F.Christian  
LA pre Laurel Aitken  
Lagrina Lagrina  
Larry's Larry Lawrence  
Larrytone J.Beckford  
Lasher Disc Count Lasher  
Leal Boris Gardiner  
Lee's Bunny Lee Producer
Leggo Sounds Leggo Beast  
Libra Bertram Brown  
Light House L.Jones  
Light Of Saba Light Of Saba  
Lightning Stepping King Miguel  
Limbo Joe Williams  
Lindel Lynford Anderson  
Links Links  
Liquid Foods Clyde Hoyte  
Little Willie Willie Francis  
Live & Learn Delroy Wright  
Live & Love Count Shelley  
Living Music Glen Livingston  
Lloydie Slim Lloydie Slim  
Love Link Fred Bryan  
Love Power Junior Byles  
Lucky Star Watson Lyn (Lyn's Radio)  
Luxor Lyn's  
Lyn's Coxsone Producer
Lyric Albert Tomlinson  




MCM Hartnel Henry  
MRS Stanley Motta  
MSR Mighty Soul Rebels  
Mack Hubert Lee  
Mafia Keith Hudson  
Magnum Force Lloyd Norris  
Mandingo Martin Williams  
Mango J&D Tucker  
Manzie Dudley Swaby  
Marcus W.R.Martin  
Marcus Music W.Rodney  
Mars Roy Marsden  
Marsha Freddy McKay  
Marshall Larry Marshall  
Martin's R.Martin  
Mascot Naaman Lee  
Mash It Ossie Hibbert  
Massive Wailing Souls  
Matador Lloyd Daley  
Me Gusto W.Royal  
Media Coxsone Producer
Medious M.Henry  
Mego Ann U.Roy Deejay
Melinda Prince Hammer Deejay
Mellos NE Williams  
Melotone Count Lasher  
Merri Disc Winston Blake  
Merritone Scott Mitchell & Keith Scott  
Message Augustus Pablo Musician
Metrosound Peter Metro  
Mezzotone S.Manning  
Microphonic C.D.Bird  
Mid-Night G.McLean  
Midnight Rock Jah Thomas  
Mighty Cloud G.McLean  
Mighty Diamonds Diamonds  
Mighty Disc Leon Hyatt  
Mini Bus Bobby Ellis  
Miracle Chapel  
Miss Pat Walker Prince Hammer Deejay
Mister Tipsy Blackbeard  
Mistic Lloyd Daley  
Mixing Lab Roy Francis  
Mod Keith Drummond  
Mod Squad George Murphy  
Modernize W.Dakin  
Modesty C.Moore  
Modified Pre R.Martin  
Mogho Naba Ini Kamoze  
Money H.Ramharrack  
Money Disc Coxsone Producer
Moodisc Harry Mudie  
Moods Harry Mudie  
Moo's Charley Moo  
Morgan's Derrick Morgan  
Morwell Esq Maurice Wellington  
Moses Niney  
Mount Zion Ras Laura  
Move & Groove Derrick Harriott  
MR Max Romeo Singer
Mr.Funny Prince Jazzbo Deejay
Mr.Wilson Delroy Wilson  
Mt.Refuge V.Lopez  
Muffat L.Muffat  
Mummy Winston Riley  
Mun Rock Hugh Mundell  
Music Lab Coxsone Producer
Music Master Witty Henry  
Music Track Enos McLeod  
Music Works Gussie Clarke Producer
Musical Ambassador Trevor Elliott  
Muzik City Coxsone Producer
Myer's Lucy Myers  




N&H Roy Panton  
N D Records Coxsone Producer
Naa Na Errol Thompson  
Narrow Way L.Jones  
National Clint Wright  
National Bird Yabby U Producer
National Calypso Coxsone Producer
Navara Peter Noel  
Negus M&R Palmer  
Negusa Nagast Big Youth Deejay
New Beat Clancy Eccles  
New Flower Al Campbell Singer
New Season Sonia Pottinger Producer
New Star Tappa Zukie Deejay
Nichola Delita Big Youth Deejay
Nigger Kojak Floyd Perch Deejay
Norman Yabby U Producer
Northcoast Norman Grant Singer
Nots Lancelot McKenzie  
Nura Blackbeard  
Nyaman Toots Hibbert Singer




OCB ED.Ricketts  
Oak Tree Dillinger Deejay
OB International O.Brown  
Observer Niney Producer
Olive Blossom Prince Buster  
Olympic Carl Bryan  
On Top Ronnie Davis & Pat Sutherland  
One Combination L.Palmer  
One Heart Alvin Reid  
One Way Clive Chin  
Oneness Jimmy Cliff Singer
Opportunity Rupie Edwards Singer
Orbit Enos McLeod Singer
Orchid Lee Perry Producer
Organaires Charlie Organaire  
Orthodox JahLoveMuzik Sound System
Ossie Ossie Hibbert  
Ossie Sounds Ossie Hibbert  
Ottey's W.Ottey  
Over 23 Years Shelly  
Over Due Pat Francis  




Pablo Paul Henry  
Pablo International Augustus Pablo Musician
Pablo Tone E.Spencer  
Pal KG  
Pantomine Glen Brown Producer
Parks Lloyd Parks  
Pat's Pat Chin  
Peaceful Road Rupie Edwards Singer
Peacemakers Claudis Linton  
Pearnell Charles P.Charles  
Pee Martin Riley  
Penetrate Geoffrey Chung  
People Carl Johnson  
Pep Sonia Pottinger Producer
Perries Lee Perry Producer
Phase One Roy Francis Producer
Photographer George Lemon  
Pigeon Niney Producer
Pilgrim Gordon & Berry  
Pinpoint P.Swern  
Pioneer Sidney Crooks  
Pipe Music Gary Peart  
Pirate P.Munroe  
Piston C.Burke  
PK Pat Kelly Singer
Planit Disc Lloyd Brevette  
Playback Pluto Shervington  
Popular Demand Jah Walton Deejay
Port Royal Leo Lee  
Portland Leo Lee  
Port-O-Jam Coxsone Producer
Power Disc Carlton Patterson  
Powerhouse George Phang Producer
Power Label Bob Marley Singer
Premiere Dennis Sindrey  
President Count Bells  
Pressure Beat Joel Gibbs Producer
Prince Buster Prince Buster  
Prince Buster VOP Prince Buster  
Prince Cunningham H.Cunningham  
Progressive Derrick Howard Singer
Prophet H.Cunningham  
Prophets Yabby U Producer/Singer
Prophets Studio B L.Mason  
Public Roy Shirley  
Puppy Gussie Clarke Producer
Pussy Cat Ronnie Nasralla  
Puzzle George Murphy  




Qabalah Luciano/Mikey General Singer/Singer
Quaking Bobby Ellis  
Queen Bill Gentles  




R&B Chris Blackwell  
R&S Oney R.Stewart  
R G Rafael Gray  
Rahtid Dickie Wong  
Rainbow Sonia Pottinger Producer
Ramble Echoes N.Russell  
Randy's Vincent Chin  
Ranking Joe Joe Jackson  
Ras Laura Ras Laura  
Ras Michael Ras Michael  
Rasta Business Winston Rodney Singer
Rastafari Tommy Cowan Producer
Rattie Soul Lloyd Campbell  
Ray Mar R.Webb  
RD R.Davis  
RE Rupie Edwards Singer
Reality Hits M.Shaw & N.Watson  
Rebind Keith Hudson Producer
Record City R.Butler  
Record Rama G.Taylor  
Record Smith Lloydie Slim  
Recreational & Educational G.Francis  
Red Banana D.Chin  
Red Sea Bim Sherman Singer
Redemption Sounds ED Mais  
Redman International Hugh James  
Reel Truth Todd Henry  
Reflections Joe Gibbs Producer
Refuge Astley Dixon  
Regal Dada Tuari  
Reggae Connection G.McLean  
Reid Records R.Reid  
Remnant L.Jones  
Repentance D.Brown  
Resurrection K.Powell  
Rev.22.14 L.Jones  
Revelation E.Bonswell  
Revival Alfred Lowe  
Revolve Boris Gardiner Bass player
Reynolds E.Reynolds  
Rhythm Horace Andy Singer
Rhythm Gits (a.k.a. Rythm Gits) Leroy Brown Singer
Right On Winston Blake  
Righteous Toots Hibbert Singer
Riley Inc. Winston Riley  
Rita Marley Rita Marley Singer
Rite Sound G.Anderson  
Rival Roots Eric Lamont  
RM R.Martin  
Robin Lloyd Young  
Rock Jam Leroy Sibbles Singer
Rockers Augustus Pablo Musician
Rockers International Augustus Pablo Musician
Rocking Time B.Hutchinson  
Rockstone Ras Karbi  
Rolando & Powie Coxsone Producer
Roosevelt Harry J Producer
Roothsful Hugh Griffiths  
Roots Man C.Reid  
Roots Rock Bobby Kalphat Musician
Roots Tradition ED Mais  
Rossiblemo Roy Ross  
Rosso C.Francis  
Rough Neck LC & E.Williams  
Royal R.Allen  
Royco I.Roy Deejay
Rsis R.Stewart  
Ruddy T R.Thomas  
Ruddy's Ruddy's  
Rude/Pigeon Bunny Lee Producer
Rudwill Ruddy Williams  
Runaway Bay Roy Fuller  
Runner Donovan Joseph  
Rusty Dusty Derrick Harriott  
RW Pre R.Williams  




SEP L.Pottinger  
Sacred Soul L.Anderson  
Santic Leonard Chin  
SAS Records H.Cosmo  
Satta Amasagana D.Manning  
Scandal Ansel Cridland  
Scorcher Errol Scorcher Deejay
Scorpio Bim Sherman Singer
Scorpion Charley Ace Deejay
Sebastians Sebastians  
Secret Agent Lloyd Daley  
Sek-Lof Folkes Brothers  
Seldom N.Tempo  
Selekta Ini Kamoze Singer
Sensational Coxsone Producer
Serpent Winston Riley  
Sexy Records Joe Gibbs Producer
Sha Flames Tony Shabazz  
Shabazz Tony Shabazz  
Shalimar Glen Brown  
Shaolin Temple Dillinger Deejay
Sharp Axe Ranking Joe & Jah Screw Deejay & producer
Shelter Rock Big Joe & Jah Pops Deejay
Shepherd F.Dowding  
Shock Joe Gibbs Producer
Short Man Brent Dowe  
Showers of Blessings N.Willis  
Sight 'N Sound Coxsone Producer
Silver Ring Errol Dunkley  
Silver Stars Bertel Ellis  
Sir Derrick Sir Derrick  
Sir Harry Sir Harry Deejay
Sir JJ Carl Johnson  
Sir Mike's M.Shadad  
Sir Percy Sir Percy  
Sky High Hartnel Henry  
Smash Bunny Lee Producer
Smith's SL Smith  
Soft Touch Karl Walker  
Solar Leo Lee  
Solid State R.Taylor  
Solomonic Bunny Wailers  
Son/Wirl Carlos Malcolm  
Son John D.Anthony  
Soul Byron Lee Musician
Soul City Rupie Edwards Singer
Soul Cole Stranger Cole  
Soul Fire Marcus Reid  
Soul Melody SC  
Soul Sound Bunny Lee Producer
Soul Syndicate Earl Smith  
Souls Stirring Fitz Major  
Soulsville Center Prince Buster  
Sound Spectacular M.Alexander  
Soundeck Justin Yap  
Sounds Divine DEstifanos  
Sounds Jamaica Max Romeo Singer
South East Music Glen Brown  
Sparkles Lloyd Lawrence  
Spear Burning Spear Singer
Spencer J Spencer  
Spider Man Lloyd Campbell  
Spinning Wheel Lee Perry Producer
Spirit Records R.Martin  
Splash Lloyd Tyrell  
Splendid Sounds Ron Wilson Trombonist
Sporty's Records King Sporty  
SSAMA T.Spaulding  
St.Thomas Naaman Lee  
Stamma Keith Hobson  
Stampede N.Esson  
Standard A.Rodway  
Star Of The East Eric Griffiths  
Star Trail Richard Bell  
Star Trek Roy Marsden  
Starapple Tommy Cowan Producer
Stars Tappa Zukie Deejay
State Line Prince Tony  
Steady Beat M.Roberts  
Steppers Witty Reid  
Stick Count Sticky  
Stonewall Vernon Buckley  
Stop Point Winston Edwards  
Storm H.Gilzang  
Stucture C.Richards  
Student Leonard Chin  
Studio One Coxsone Producer
Stun King Jackie Bernard  
Success Rupie Edwards Singer
Suck Finger Jackie Brown  
Suckie Boris Gardiner Bass player
Summer Records Jerry Brown Singer
Sun Bird Jackie Brown  
Sun Power Jimmy Cliff Singer
Sun Shot Phil Pratt Producer
Sunfire M.Holder  
Sunset Harry J Producer
Sunshot Phil Pratt Producer
Superstar Mikey Chung  
Superstar Posse Delton Screechie & Early B Singer and deejay
Supertone Paragons  
Supreme Coxsone Producer
Sweet Rupie Edwards Singer
Sweet Beat Candy Man  
Swing A Ling Charley Ace Deejay
Swing Bird Abijans  
Syndicate Lloyd Daley  




TSOJ Lloyd Lovindeer  
Ta Shi L.Johnson  
Tabernacle Coxsone Producer
Tad's Tad Dawkins Producer
Tafari Muncher Jackson  
Talent Tommy Cowan Producer
Tamoki Roy Cousins Producer
Tanasha D.Russell  
Tappa Tappa Zukie Deejay
Taxi Sly & Robbie Drummer & bass player
Techniques Winston Riley  
Teem Jah LLoyd Deejay
Telegraph Jackie Brown  
Tennors George Murphy  
Terminal Phil Pratt Producer
Tesfa Tesfa McDonald  
Testimony Joe Gibbs Producer
The Mighty One E.Reynolds  
The Thing LLoyd Campbell  
The Turntable Winston Blake  
The Viper One J.Kerr  
Thompson Sound Linval Thompson Singer/Producer
Thrillseekers E.Synmoie  
Tip Top Sonia Pottinger Producer
Tit For Tat Dickie Wong  
Time Jah Screw Producer/Selector
Tom Tom A.Graham  
Tomorrow Dave Robinson  
Tondasonic B.Chambers  
Top Deck Justin Yap  
Top Of The Pop E.Baxter  
Top Rank E.J.Robinson  
Top Sound N.Foo.Loy  
Top Studio Dudley Swaby (Manzie) Producer
Top Tunes Andel Forgie  
Tough Jack Jackie Bernard  
Town & Country Joe Gibbs Producer
Track United Ossie Hibbert Organist/Pianist
Treasure Isle Duke Reid Producer
Trojan Duke Reid Producer
Truth & Rights Todd Henry  
Tuff Gong Bob Marley Singer
Tuff Rock Roy Cousins Producer




Uhuru Calvin Cameron Trombone players
Ujama Prince Jazzbo Deejay
Ultrasonic Lizzy  
Underground Lee Perry Producer
Unity Robert »Ribs« Fearon Selector/Producer/Soundman
Unity Bunny Lee Producer
Upbeat Carlos Malcolm  
Upfront Wailing Souls Singers
Uprising Dennis Alcapone Deejay
Up Town Coxsone Producer
Upset Andy Capp  
Upsetter Lee Perry Producer
Upstairs Danny Breakenridge  




V&N Neville Willoughby  
VEA Ranking Roger Deejay
VB Vince Brown  
Vena Fatis Burrell Producer
Version Rupie Edwards Singer
Viking Vikings  
Virgonian Ronald Virgo Owner of Virgo Hifi.
Vital Food Dr.Alimantado Deejay
Vivan Jackson Yabby U Producer/Singer
Voice Voice Vincent Chin  
Volcano Alvin Ranglin Producer
Volcano Junjo Producer




Wackies Lloyd Barnes Producer
W&C Delroy Wilson & Stranger Cole  
WKS Willie Lindo Guitarist
Wail N Soul M Wailers Vocal Group
Walder Bird Bill Gentles  
Wall E.Wallace  
Wambesi Roy Cousins Producer
War Pat Sutherland  
Warrior Glen Lee  
Waterhouse King Tubby Engineer
Wayne L.Pottinger  
Weed Alvin Ranglin Producer
Welcome Fred Bryan  
Well Charge Jo Jo Hookim Producer
West Champ G.Anderson  
Western E.Brissett  
Wham Pac Zap Pow Group
Wiggle Spoon Phil Pratt Producer
Wild Cat Johnny Osbourne Singer
Wildbells Prince Buster Producer
Wincox W.Chin Quee/Coxsone Producer
Wind Winston Riley Producer
Winro Coxsone Producer
Wizz-Dom Lee Perry Producer
Wolf Jack Ruby Producer
Woodlum Neal Prince  
Work Shop 12 C.Roberts  
World Champ Admiral Bailey & K Harris  
World Wide Errol & Hylton  
Worldisc Coxsone Producer
Yard Music Augustus Pablo Musician




Yes Jimmy Riley Singer
Youth Promotion Sugar Minott Singer
Yvonne's Special Dennis Brown Singer




Zada W.Bryan  
Zap Pow Zap Pow Group
Zeri Ainsley Morris  
Zima Saw Watty Burnett Singer
Zion Disc Sons Of Negus  
Zion Rock Johnny Clarke Singer
Zodiac Nat Rowe  


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Anonymous said

at 11:23 am on Jan 28, 2008

Jamaican only?? it would be good to be clear on this to avoid confusion.

Anonymous said

at 8:59 pm on Jan 30, 2008

Hmmm ... reggae label owners regardless of where the label is based I would figure. Perhaps putting yet another column with where the label is based is needed?

Anonymous said

at 1:04 pm on Feb 7, 2008

I think waht I was thinking of is that in the 60s/70's Trojan also "owned" a record label called Amalgamated. I'm not sure how this stuff fits into the format.


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