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Nicodemus (b. Cecil Wellington, 1957, Jamaica) came to notoriety as a DJ in the late 70's as deejay on the Socialist Roots Sound System alongside the famous selector Danny Dread. His family having musical ties previously as Nicodemus brother is Blacka Morwell of the Morwells. In '78 Prince Jammy connected him with the Tape-Tone Hifi which found great success when Nicodemus joined the sound. The deejay won a strong following with his gruff voice that was in similar manner of Prince Far I or Prince Jazzbo but more in tune with rhythm riding younger deejay generation.


Nicodemus recorded several hits at Channel One and in '82 his first albums reached such as Gunman Connection (Cha Cha) where the title track was a sizeable hit, Dancehall Style (Black Joy), She Love It In The Morning (Hitbound) with striking cover art by Jamaal Pete and also the first part of Greensleeves DJ Clash series which he shared with Toyan.


The deejay would often be found featuring on sounds such as Virgo Hifi (a sound that he also would chat for in New York after it had migrated there in '82) and Jack Ruby's Hi Power.


The deejay was a popular all through the 80's recording what today are regarded as classic albums in the early 80's and also in the mid 80's for labels such as Skengdon.


Nicodemus would frequently travel to the US where he also recorded. A notable session of his earlier US-recordings is from a travel with fellow artists from Jack Ruby's Hi-Power in '83 - Bobby Culture, Louie Rankin, Brimstone & Fire. The result was the album Tidal Wave that featured an early version of Nicodemus PT. 109 that he would re-record in the mid 80's.


In '88 he recorded the album Cabin Stabbin with Supercat & Junior Demus which proved to be a success in the US.


Nicodemus passed away the 26th of August in '96 after diabetes complications.


Proteg├ęs and artists inspired by Mr. Demus

There are several deejays that have been influenced by Nicodemus and taken after his style. The earliest one perhaps being Papa Keeble who was also known as Nicodemus Junior. The deejay Chaka Demus was also would also use the Nicodemus Junior moniker in his early career but would later be dubbed to Chaka Demus by Nico himself. There was also the deejay Junior Demus (b. Conrad McNish) who would take on the style and successfully evolve a minimalistic chatting approach to great effect.



LP albums by Nicodemus

TitleLabelYearCatalog or Matrix No.Country Of IssueComment/Riddim/Producer
DJ ClashGreensleeves1982GREL 32UKsplit LP w/ Toyan; prod. by Henry 'Junjo' Lawes
Gunman ConnectionCha Cha1982CHALP 0011UKclear vinyl; prod. by Morwells
She Love It In The MorningChannel One1982JJ-064UScredited as 'Nicodimus'; prod. by M. Wellington & E. Lamont
Nice Up The DanceClappers/Leaf Of Life1983LLPS 0001USFeatures a song by the deejay Trinity (who is uncredited). Produced by M. Wellington, E. Lamont and John Murray. Backing is by Roots Radics.
Dance Hall StyleBlack Joy198xDHLP2003UKAlbum is credited to Niccodeemos. Productions by Prince Jammie and mixed at Tubby's.
The Very Best OfSerious Gold198X US
Nuff RespectSkengdon1986 US
Serious Nicodemus: Chapter OneSound System20075967-SERIOUS-1USAlbum is a compilation of 80s works by Nicodemus. Produced by Blacka / Bingy / Flabba Holt at Channel One. Mixed by Scientist
Serious Nicodemus: Chapter TwoSound System20075967-LEAF-1USAlbum is a compilation of 80s works by Nicodemus. Produced by Blacka / Bingy / Flabba Holt at Channel One. Mixed by Scientist


12" Singles by Nicodemus

Side 1Side 2LabelYearCatalog or Matrix No.Country Of IssueComment/Riddim/Producer
How You Look Girl Pon The Street Cha Cha1982CHAD 48UKprod. by Morwell
Honey Honey (w/ General Gully)Radix - VersionClaypot1982C.P. 005USprod. by V. Blake
Vex (w/ Daddy Citrus)DubDignitary Records1993DR-1001USprod. by R. Barclay
Wife & SweetheartLinval Thompson - Hold On To Your GirlfriendJah Guidance198XVPRD 74USprod. by ?
Eagles FeatherJohnny Osbourne - Budy ByeJammy's1985DSR 5835/DSR 5836JAsleng teng riddim; prod. by Jammy's
Love In The Morning (w/ Leroy Sibbles)Radix - Dub In The MorningMicron198XMICCAN 0043CANprod. by Leroy Sibbles
Coke Seller / Ken Boothe - Love Is RealSly & Robbie & The Taxi Gang - Mor Well's StrikesMor Well Esq.1984MJW-001USprod. by Morwell Records
Nuh Touch The 9mmVersionReggae Vibes199XPC 0020USprod. by Delroy Francis
The Title Sea Breeze1992MB-009USprod. by Michael Bryan
Let Me Go (w/ Roman Stewart) Serious Gold19831005USprod. by A. Johnson
Alien (Vocal Mix - Part One) (w/ Rev. Badoo & Roman Stewart)Version - Part TwoShelly's Records1990SRD-023USprod. by Shelly
I & I Perrogative (w/ Super Cat)VersionWild Apache199XWAD-003USprod. by W. Mirage


7" Singles by Nicodemus

Side 1Side 2LabelYearCatalog or Matrix No.Country Of IssueComment/Riddim/Producer
DJ A Juck It Mor Well Esq JAprod. by Mor-Well Records
Dog Better Than Gun Gorgon JAprod. by Jammy; credited as "Nicademous"
I And I Perrogitive (w/ Super Cat) Wild Apache DSR A7121-AJamaicaprod. by Super Cat
Jah A King Of KingsSerious Version (by Mudie's All StarsMoods International1992HM1036 A/BJamaicaprod. Harry Mudie. Let Me Tell You Boy rhythm
Old VeteranOld veteran Strings MixMoods International1997HM1040 A/BJamaicaprod. Harry Mudie. Leaving Rome rhythm
Suzie Wong Skengdon198X JAprod. by Kenneth Black & G. Olar; credited as "Nicodemous"
The Best Mor Well Esq1974 JAprod. by Mor-Well Records; credited as "Nicademos"
Jamaican Rockers Hop (w/ Ranking Trevor)VersionPapa Roots198Xjamaican rockers hop 001-AJAprod. by Lip & Danny Dread; credited as "Nickadimous"; Love Bump Riddim


LP comp. appearances by Nicodemus

LP TitleSong(s) FeaturedLabelYearCatalog or Matrix No.Country Of IssueComment/Riddim/Producer

Comments (7)

Anonymous said

at 12:24 pm on Mar 20, 2008

I'll add some albums later on today. I've (except the ones already in the list) his album on Clappers and Black Joy also.

Anonymous said

at 3:05 pm on Mar 22, 2008

great, thanks! i don't have the Clappers LP or the Serious Gold LP. i have the Black Joy LP but didn't get to add it yet. i'll start adding the 7"s i have soon.

Anonymous said

at 6:00 pm on Oct 11, 2008

Should we list the 2 volumes released by Soundsystem Records in 2007 entitled "Serious Nicodemus" ?

Anonymous said

at 6:03 pm on Oct 11, 2008

Yeah, I think we should. I know there's some more albums by Nico D. Two 90's sets. Don't know if they're any good though. One is Jammy produced (I think) and the other one is over ragga/hiphop beats called Maximum Dancehall or something similar.

Morten King said

at 6:02 pm on Aug 24, 2009


Does anyone know where I can get hold of the two volumes called "Serious Nicodemus" on CD?



StranJah said

at 6:46 pm on Aug 24, 2009


I am not aware of these particular titles on CD unfortunately.

kalcidis said

at 7:04 pm on Aug 24, 2009

To be honest I've only seen them on vinyl. Great collections with some weird overdubs I think.

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