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Louie Lepkie

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Louie Lepkie (first name varies from Ron to Louie, Lui and Luie and the second part might also be spelled Lepke, Lepki) was born the 12th of August, 1957, in Kingston St. Ann. His first recording was »Can't Take Me Landlord« under the name of Ron Lepki. It was recorded by Joe Gibbs and released under his JGM-label. He then went on to record the popular album Late Night Movie also for Gibbs. In '82 he cut the album Willie Red for the Hitbound label.


Lepke wasn't bound to any specific Sound System but would perform with sounds such as Gemini, King Sturgav and Volcano. He would in the 80's relocate to New York. In December 1987, at the age of 30, Lui was shot and murdered outside the Manhattan dance hall reggae lounge. (1)



(1) Reggae Directory Vol. 5, fall 1994

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