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Killamanjaro Sound System are from Kingston Jamaica. The sound was formed by Noel Harper AKA Pappa Jaro in 1969. Killamajaro did not become a major player until the early 80's when Ainsley Grey came in as the selector. In the early 80's Killamanjaro gathered a top flight selection of deejays including Early B (joined '83), Super Cat (joined '83), Jim Kelly (died in '83), Danny Dread, Ninja Man, Burro Banton (joined '82, left '83), Lone Ranger, Charlie Chaplin.


Ainsley Gray left the sound in the late 80's and was replaced by Patch Eye then Jeremy Lee. In the early 90's Ricky Trooper became the main selector, he left to form his own sound and was replaced by Freddy Krueger (b Paul Francis) who left in 2004. The current (circa 2007) selectors are Tony Hype, Genius, Crazy B and Danny.

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