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Johnny Ringo

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Johnny Ringo was born Bradley John Miller in 1961, Jones Town, Kingston, Jamaica. He first began his career working in Randys record shop. It was while working there he first met Welton Irie who would become a longtime sparring partner. Ringo and Welton where both great admirers of the deejay Ranking Trevor. Ringos musical career started as an operator for the Sound Systems Soul Express Disco and Ripper Tone. He was after some time given the opportunity to deejay for the set and this led to a number of recording sessions. It was with his slack hits »Push Lady Push« and »Two Lesbians« he really hit. In 1982 Johnny Ringo had an international hit with the song »Dub And Lef« which was deejayed over Edi Fitzroy's »First Class Citizen«. His song entitled »Video«, that concerned the entry of the video recorder in Jamaica started a trend of songs that covered the same subject.


He joined the sound systems Lees Unlimited and Gemini. It was with the latter he toured the UK where he recorded the songs »New Yorker« and »Nice And Easy« at the Fashion studios. He was the first JA-contender in the JA to UK Clash series. Asher Senator being the English counterpart.


Johnny Ringo passed away the 2nd July in 2005.




TitlelabelYearmatrix/cat numberCountry of issueComment (incl producer & format cd/LP)
Dry Land TouristD-Roy1980?DRLP 1007
Two CocksmanDuracell1981JAStrictly slackness oriented album.
Woman A GinalSonic1982
Cool ProfileNegus Roots1984JAProduced by Robert Flako Palmer
EyewitnesMC1982M.C. 002JAProduced by Tommy Cowan
Riding WestJah Guidance1982VPRLP 1012JAProduced by Junjo Lawes
PancootHitbound1982JJ 087JAProduced by Joseph Hoo Kim and Niney
Johnny RingoAbsissa1982USProduced by Bunny T
JA To UK ClashFashion1985FADLP 002UKA clash-album between Johnny Ringo and Asher Senator.



Side 1Side 2LabelYearCatalog or Matrix No.Country of IssueComment/Riddim/Producer
Jammin (Master Blaster) (with Roots Uprising)Ranking Jam (with Roots Uprising)Top Ranking International198XTRID-4010
Two Lesbians HitchVideoMIC Productions1982Prod. by Tommy Cowan
Take A Taste (Wailing Souls)Don't Know MuchUpfront1982UPF 004UKProd. by Wailing Souls
Hot NumberVersionMr. O Records1985USProd. by Alton Irie
Soldier (with Lone Ranger)VersionMephanaij Phaton1991M.P001USProd. by M. Decon
One O'Clock RockHistory (Radical Youth)Black Roots1980BRD 06USProd. by Sugar Minott




Side 1Side 2LabelYearCatalog or Matrix No.Country of IssueComment/Riddim/Producer
Dedicated To JahVersionGemini1984JAProd. by G. Dinall
BalarenaVersionGreedy Puppy1980JA
Bad Boy A Fi FitHot NumberRedman International1986JAProd. by Hugh James
Push Lady PushVersionBlack & White1981JAProd. by Carlton Patterson
Model With MeVersionMusical Ambassador1981JAProd. by Trevor Elliott

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