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Jah Screw

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Jah Screw (b. Paul Love in Greenwich Farm 9 Feb 1955) started selecting for the Echo Vibration in Greenwich Farm. In 1977 he and his friend Ranking Joe joined Ray Symbolic turning the sound to a more rub-a-dub oriented Sound System rather than the soul music focus it had previous. They (Screw and Joe) left the sound but rejoined it again in 1980. He was some time during these years also a selector for U-Roy's King Sturgav, perhaps after leaving Ray Symbolic the first time up until rejoining the sound in 1980. By this time he had also started producing together with Ranking Joe, his first production being »African Ting« with Ranking Joe. Together they set up the Sharp Axe label. The success from the label was enough encouragement for Jah Screw to set up his own label, Time.


Often he was producing his friend Ranking Joe but he also produced music for artists such as Earl 16, Tristan Palma, Dennis Brown and Barry Brown.


In 1984 he started laying rhythms in London. The version to the classic »African Beat« rhythm was what to become the foundation for Barrington Levy's massive hit »Under Mi Sensi«. Screw then produced the even more successful single »Here I Come« for Barrington.


Ever since then Barrington and Jah Screw have had a fruitful relationship releasing music up in to the 90's with Jah Screw even turning his hand at producing Jungle remixes of Barringtons music.


Jah Screw (Paul Love) is not to be confused with the deejay Jah Screw (D. Jackson) who released the album Herb Base Function on Harry J Records.

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