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Dambala was an English roots reggae group that were formed the late summer of 1975 in West Hampstead by Gus Anyia and Alvin Christie. They released their first record in 1978, the disco »Zimbabwe«, a co-production with Dennis Bovell and Jimmy Lindsay. The disco was such a success that it reached #4 in the Black Echoes and Jazz Review 12" charts in June 1978. The group was somewhat unique in that not a single member was Jamaican, something that wasn't as accepted at the time.


Their second single was the song »Rebel« with Militant Barry doing the deejay verse. In 1978(?) the group was voted Most Promising Newcomers by the Black Music and Jazz Review readership. The group also performed on BBC TV and wrote the theme music for the program »Black British« (Channel 4). However after touring Holland, Germany and Belgium the group decided to split up. This was in 1979, the reason being tensions between members. Gus Anyia however continued to record under the groups name and released two albums, Rally Rally Round (1981) and Azania (1983). The other members of Dambala formed the group Inner Force who released one single (»Holiday«/»Am I Wasting My Time«) and then also split up.



Augustus »Gus« Anyia (b. Nigeria) - Guitar

Alvin Christie (b. Liverpool)- Guitar

Horace McKenzie (b. Guyana) - Percussion

Thomas Cadette (b. St. Lucia) - Keyboards

James St. Louis (b. St. Lucia) - Bass

Kelvin Lovell (b. Barbados) - Drums


(Left to right) Gus Anyia, James. St Louis, Horace McKenzie, Kelvin Lovell, Alvin Christie, Thomas Caddette.




TitlelabelYearmatrix/Cat. #Country of issueComment (incl producer & format cd/LP)
Rally Rally RoundIsis1981IS002UKCover states the cat # to be IS001, but matrix says IS002. Might have been released in 1979.
AzaniaDada Music1983UKProduced by Gus Anyia.


12 inch discos

Side 1Side 2LabelYearMatrix/Cat. #Country of issueComment
ZimbabweVisions of WarMusic Hive Records1978MH 001UKProduced by Jimmy Lindsay and Dennis Bovell. The label also stated 28-4-78, perhaps the exact date of release. The song Zimbabwe is very similar to Barabas by the Twinkle Brothers.
RebelMilitant DubIsis Records1979ISIS001UKProduced by Dambala. Militant Barry deejays on Militant Dub
Ain't No Sunshine (Jimmy Lindsay)Take Six (Exodus), And Ting (Dambala)Music Hive Records1978MH 002UKJimmy Lindsay features Dambala on side A.
Me & My Dread (Pauline)Revelation (Dambala)Rough Lion1980UK
Rally Rally RoundDub versionUKhttp://popsike.com/php/detaildata.php?itemnr=180100580492


7 inch singles

Side 1Side 2labelYearmatrix/Cat. #Country of issueComment
BabylonNo GoRed Nail Records1979RIC 107UKProduced by Gus Anyia. Music is Dambala featuring Gus Anyia.

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