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Clappers is New York label that is primarily known for its reggae releases. But it has also attracted listeners due to some of their groundbreaking and controversial hiphop releases. The label is run by the Dub Organizer (b. Lister Hewan-Lowe 1952, Halfway Tree, Jamaica) a Jamaican who relocated to New York in 1972.


The first release on the label was the New York group Jah Mallas album Alive & Well. But also albums by General Plough, Jack Ruby, Aston »Familyman« Barrett, Jr. Dan, Nicodemus and others have been released. Yabby You's album on the label was supposedly a bootleg. Many of the labels releases are now sought after collectors albums.


The Clappers label is regarded to have released the first ever political hiphop song with Brother D's »How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise«. They also stirred up some controversy with the release of 2 Black 2 Strong/MMG's release of the EP Burn Baby Burn that depicted an American flag burning on the cover art work and also had the lyrics »Fuck the red, white and blue« in it. Record stores refused to carry the EP.




ArtistTitleYearMatrix/Cat NoComment
Jah MallaAlive and Well1980CLPS1980
Jack RubyJack Ruby Hi-Fi1981CLPS1981
Various ArtistsBlack Slavery Days1981CLPS1982
Various ArtistsJuvenile Delinquent1981CLPS1983Produced by Familyman Barrett
Jr. DanKTW Dub1982CLPS1984
David MoranDavid Moran1982CLPS1985Alternative rock, not reggae
Yabby YouAfrican Queen1982CLPS1986
NicodemusA Nice Up The Dance1983LLPS0001
General PloughMidnight Rock1983BDLP0001
Iheka-ChamaMandingo TribeCSLP1987Was this ever released?
Brother D & Silver Fox Up Against The Beast1984ROIR A 130Hiphop/reggae. Only released on cassette. Co-released by ROIR.
2 Black 2 Strong/MMGBurn Baby Burn EP1990CL12-0009Hiphop. Produced by Lister Hewan-Lowe & Kurt Norval. 10 track EP. Was banned in the US due to the cover artwork that depicts a burning American flag in the background.
2 Black 2 Strong/MMGDoing Hard Time On Planet Earth1991CLPS1991Hiphop
Jack Ruby"Hi-Power" (Kingsturi-Grav Hi-Fi)19xxCCTTCassette only.


12 inch singles

Artist ASide 1Artist BSide 2YearMatrix/Cat. #ProducerCountry of issueComment (including rhythm)
Brother DDib-Be-Dib-Be-DizeBrother DHow we Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise1980CL12-0001Locksley Grant, Pierre BrookUSHiphop. Credited as the first political hiphop song.
SheMs. D.J. Rap It UPClappers RevueRap It Up Dubwise1980CL12-0002Dennis Weeden, Mike TheodoreUSRap/Hip-Hop
N. TateChange Your CharacterBird All-StarsCharacteristics1980CL12-0003BirdUS
BuckersViolent TimesMusic MastersViolent Rock1980CL12-0004BirdUSMix by Bovell
Sons of CreationFeeling Down A YardSons of CreationRevival1980CL12-0005The New Sons of CreationUSFeeling Down A Yard features a rap verse and possibly the first reggae/hiphop track.
Bobby GilliomGimme A BreakClappa ClubA Dub Break1983CL12-0006Lister Hewan-Lowe, Bobby GilliomUSRap/Hip-Hop
Raymond LevyRadiate LoveDub ClubLove Club Mix (Dubwise)1983CL12-0007Rupert Graham, Raymond LevyUS
Brother DClappers Power (Club Dub Mix), Clappers Power (Radio Dub Mix)Brother DMao Dub Red, Tampa Riot, S.O.B.'s, Shot Like Dis Could - A Never Mis...!1987CL12-0008Produced by Dub Organizer (Hewan-Lowe), Pierre Brock for Lister Hewan-Lowe ProductionsUSRap/Hip-Hop
2 Black 2 Strong/MMGAcross the 110 (+3 mixes)2 Black 2 Strong/MMGOnly The Strong Survive (+2 mixes)1991CL12-00010Chill WillUSRap/Hip-Hop
2 Black 2 Strong/MMGUp In the Mountains (+3 mixes)2 Black 2 Strong/MMGGhetto Blaster (+3 mixes)1991CL12-00011Chill WillUSRap/Hip-Hop


7 inch singles

ArtistSide 1Side 2(including artist details if different)YearMatrix/Cat NoComment (incl producer, rhythm)
Raymond LevyA Girl For Me19xxCL45-83

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