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Barrington Levy

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Barrington Levy (born 30th April 1964, in Clarendon, Jamaica) debuted in 1975 ('77?) with the song »My Black Girl«. The single was recorded by The Mighty Multitude which was a group created and consisting by Barrington Levy and his cousin Everton Dacres. In 1977 he released »Revelation« and »This Girl of Mine« under his own name, being only 13 at the time! During the late 70's he was also a highly anticipated singer in the dancehalls. It was in one of these dancehall sessions that Barrington met (at the time unknown) producers Junjo and Jah Life. The took him to the well known Channel One studio and recorded several songs. The first singles to be released were »Ah Yah We Deh«, »Looking My Love«, »Englishman« and »Wedding Ring Aside«. The first hit that really made a name of Barrington however was »Collie Weed«, a dancehall success. He followed it up with »Shine Eye Girl« and by now Barrington was really making a name for himself.


When Barrington album debuted it was quite confusing as he released three albums at once with the same two producers and pretty much the same material but with different mixes and some changes in the track listings. In New York Jah Life released »Bounty Hunter« (Jah Life), in London they had »Shine Eye Gal« (Burning Sounds) and in Kingston, Jamaica they had »Shaolin Temple« (Jah Guidance). The albums however proved to be real successes putting not only making people aware of Barrington Levy but also the groundbreaking producer Junjo and the highly stylistic backing band known as the Roots Radics. Junjo had also used the highly pioneering engineer Scientist for his productions with Barrington. Junjo would work with Scientist almost exclusively for all of his productions. It is commonly regarded that these productions were regarded as the start of the Dancehall era. In 1979 yet another album produced by Junjo followed, »Englisman«. It proved to be as a big success as the three predecessors.


What followed after was a string of highly acclaimed singles such as »Wicked Intention«, »Jumpy Girl«, a cover of Horace Andy's »Skylarking«, »Disco Music«, »Reggae Music« and »Wicked Intention«. He then met up with produced Alvin Ranglin and released some more hit singles »Never Tear My Love Apart«, »Jah«, »You Made Me So Happy«, and »When You're Young and in Love«.


In 1980 Barrington also featured at Reggae Sunsplash doing a sensational appearance. He starred the following year also.


In 1980 a third album followed for Junjo, »Robin Hood«. By this time Barrington Levy was a major star, only second to Yellowman who also was a Junjo discovery. The songs Barrington had released on his Greensleeves-albums formed the base for the dub album Big Showdown (Scientist v. Prince Jammy).


His self-produced album »Doh Ray Me« followed in 1980 on the JB and Puff labels. The same year more great singles followed for Junjo such as »Mary Long Tongue«. But also hit-records for Linval Thompson and Karl Pitterson. 1981 saw the release of the showcase album »Run Come Ya!«. During the following years loads of hits were released and also the albums »Poor Man Style« (1982) for Linval and »21 Girls Salute« for Junjo and Delroy Wright (brother of Papa Life).


In 1983 Barrington once again worked with Alvin Ranglin releasing the album »Lifestyle«. The album »Teach Me Culture« also was released this year.


During the end of 1983 and in to the following year Barrington teamed up with George Phang releasing the hit »Suffer The Little Children« followed by »Money Move«, also the title of the album released on Power House.


The album »Prison Oval Rock« from 1984 was the last of a group of successful albums he did for Junjo, as Junjo shortly after was imprisoned in America for drug possession. Levy instead teamed up with produced Jah Screw (b. Paul Love). The first hit they had together was the massive »Under Me Sensi«, it was followed by an even more successful song, »Here I Come«. For this hits Barrington earned the Best Vocalist Award at Britain's Reggae Awards.


In 1987 Barrington returned to Reggae Sunsplash starring it all the way into 1995.


Barrington had by the mid to late 80's slowed down with releasing music noticeably. The album »Love the Life You Live« from 1988 wasn't as an acclaimed album as his previous releases«. His next album was released 1991 when Barrington was signed by Mango/Island Records and »Divine« was the result.

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