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Amalgamated Records (UK)

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The UK Amalagamated label was a subsidiary of Trojan Records started for the productions of Joe Gibbs. Based on Gibb's Jamaican imprint of the same name the first releases were in 1968 (AMG 800) and the last (some 70 releases later) in 1970 (AMG 873) when it was superceded by the Pressure Beat label. In the late 60's period the majority of Joe Gibbs's productions were issued by Trojan through the label so it is likely that an exclusive deal was signed.


The label is highly regarded for it's Rocksteady sides as well as the uptempo Reggae releases, Lee Perry would have been responsible for some of the productions as he worked for Joe Gibbs prior to setting up on his own in 1968. The most obvious Perry involvement is on The Upsetter b/w Thank You Baby, sung by Perry himself the Upsetter was a significant hit and lead to Perry adopting the title as a nickname and using it as a name for his legendary record label.


Alongside the standard Rocksteady/Reggae series there were three releases in a Sacred Series of Gospel/Church based recordings(AMGSS 001-003). These were not Reggae recordings but do retain a certain Jamaican flavour.



Amalgamated 7 inch discography

Amalgamated LP discography

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