9 Lives

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The 9 Lives record label was founded by UK MC Top Cat.


12" discography

Artist ASide 1Artist BSide 2YearMatrix/Catalogue #ProducerCountry of issueComment
Anthony Red Rose & SimpletonDarlingNLD0159 LivesUK
Chronicle & Poison ChangBugman Must SplurtNLD0149 LivesUK
Mike AnthonyI Want You BackSenior SanNah Go PrayNLD0129 LivesUK
Nerious Joseph & Tenor FlyHurry UpNLD0099 LivesUK
Prento YouthOops! There She GoesNLD0119 LivesUK
Tad Hunter & Prento YouthGod A Who!Tad HunterCall Me On The MobileNLD0089 LivesUK
Tad Hunter & Prento YouthSweet SenoritaMilitary Soul JahTek U ManNLD013UK
Tad HunterLet Him GoPrento YouthPop OffNLD004UK
Tenor FlyI Get My KicksTenor FlyWicked IntentionNLD005Joe G & 9 LivesUK
Tenor FlyGhetto Youth Must SurviveSenior SanThe ReturnNLD006UK
Tenor FlyGhetto Youth Must SufferNLD018UK
Tenor FlyBump & GrineNLD002UK
Tenor FlySorry If I Hurt Your FeelingsNLD-018UK
Top CatSweetest ThingTop CatVex Till Dem HotNLD010UK
Top CatWine Up Yu BodyTop CatBadder Than ThemNLD009Gussie P & 9 LivesUK
Top CatA Di CronicNLD017UK
Top CatOver U BodyNLD006UK
Top CatWoman U Turn Me OnNLD019UK

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